BlenCon3 this week need scripts proposed for release

Ok we have BlenCon3 really soon (ie in a couple of days) so by next meeting we need a list of all scripts that are proposed for inclusion in next release,

so if you have a script you’d like included - post a link here, you should make sure that your script conforms to the following requirements

also see the above post entitled ‘getting your script in the next release’.

Quick summary is

  1. A good doc explaining the script usage
  2. Conform to the script header requirements
  3. GPL licensed


Does it mean that the scripts wich already are in the bundle scripts will be updated too ?

hopefully :slight_smile: point out ones that need updating to improve the odds though :slight_smile:


Camera sequencer seem to do the job well. To replace the current solution using number in the camera’s name…

This on include a GUI to seqeuence camera change in the same scene using an interface similar to the current sequencer in Blender.

the last one in the thread, beta 1, is ok for inclusion.

please please document the scripts !

Also please add in premade materials and shaders…

And the script list should at least have something in all of the sub sections, whats the point of haveing them if they do not get filled up ?

This one :

This one too:

Disp_paint script
UV_paint script :
HOTkeys script :
SVG2OBJ script:

Trajectory script :

macuno’s alighn to face and ambient occlussion baker scripts

if he-who-dropped-off-the-face-of-the-earth allows it (ripsting) fiber 2.03

sculpt mesh script

ant terrain generator


gothic arches script

as many import export scripts as can be found


You should give address .

DirectX8Exporter (update):


Okay here is a list of scripts, the previous list

and the newer scripts (not all are more recent but most are)

Custom Mouse Gestures

Chromakey sequence plugin


Gothic Vaults

Blender Raytrace Baker 2

Bezier Curves

Isometric flash from Blender

import path to curve


Collada exporter


Sflender 2.6


Galaxy Generator

Script UI

Spiral Creator

SPE python IDE

LWO importer update

Photoclinometry (mesh constructed from image depth info)

Displace from UV image


Copy and Paste Between Blender instances

Field of View

Camera Calibration for Blender:


DV Composition:

YADEMI - digital elevation importer

Camera Calibration

md3 exporter

zutils zbuffer exporter

Camera sequencer

Booleans in blender that work

Better build effect



Assign Materials via menu

Sunsky texture plugin


Create array of the object

uvpaint update

Mesh unfolder


Displacement Paint

3d view hotspots

.raw importer

keystroke access to scripts

virtualight export

ANT landscape creator

PSK exporter

Switch Camera

Progressive Render

Painted face eraser


(old lsystem)

Orbiter exporter

Python API Doc Browser

m2 exporter

placeholder creation script

vert dragmerge

swap objects


3DNP - export series of images for 3D viewing via python script

dxf exporter

radiance exporter (very preliminary)

subsurface scattering

Curtain generator

nurb path creator

implicit skelton

GCode generator

xsi exporter

Ogre import/export

Forget these ones :
Python API Doc Browser (already in the blender bundle scripts, this new version
did not bring anything ) :

Tesselate (not open source) :

POVAnim (not open source)

@ LetterRip:

I don’t think that the Make Hair Script is needed any more.

There will be a non script hair solution coded in the next version (is allready available in cvs).


Actually Ton just stated that particle hair system is not targeted for 2.4 release.

However I’m pretty sure that MakeHair would be rejected for inclusion due to it’s external program dependency.

(Other reasons a script would be off the table for inclusion would be - it is not viewed as ‘generally useful’, is not API compliant, has an incompatible license , inadequate documentation, bugs, or the script is not viewed as maintained.)

While the list is primarily meant as a list of candidates for inclusion, it is also a useful summary of scripts currently in existance.


Can or is someone doing anything with the DXF import?

Importing 2D DXF geometry from 2D CAD software into Blender is a nightmare.

Most of the time Blender imports all the geometry but it’s all mixed up, split up and laid on top of each other in a mess.


Blender DEM importer

(Other reasons a script would be off the table for inclusion would be - it is not viewed as ‘generally useful’, is not API compliant, has an incompatible license , inadequate documentation, bugs, or the script is not viewed as maintained.)

Plz. let me know if some of this criteria is applicable to this script

I have a simple but effective script called saltshaker

it basically ‘shakes’ meshes and can be very handy

has nice tutorial on how it was created at same page.

What a cool, simple script rednuht!