BlenCon3 this week need scripts proposed for release


I forgot to mention that the script is released in to the public domain, zero restrictions on use/re-use/modification not even GPL.

enjoy !

Disp_paint script
UV_paint script :
HOTkeys script :
SVG2OBJ script:[/quote]

and this one too :

a module to create elementary shapes :

Will the updated cal3d exporter (, registers itself as Cal3D Exporter 2 V.1.0) be included in the new distribution? I have much better luck with that script than with the one included with 2.37a.


I found the version you mentioned

I’ll mention it to the python team,


The author also has other script improvements that might be of use


maybe my mirror bone weights script could be bundled?

i always missed a function like that but maybe that’s just me? :slight_smile:

the wiki is down so couldn’t check if i meet all requirements though…

looks good,

the wiki is being transfered, hopefully will have everything moved over in the near future. Your script looks compliant to me though.

for your boundingbox class - for min and max values why not use the getboundingbox method and check the eight corners? would seem quite a bit faster…


what getboundingbox method do you mean? i didn’t see any method i could have used instead in the blender python docs… i need bounding boxes of the recursively split vertex chunks.

oops, silly me forgot that you needed it for the subdivided pieces as well, not just the original split, nevermind :slight_smile:


NIFLA ( has a couple of scripts for importing-exporting Morrowind NIF models, but:
They’re written for 2.37 and probably will break with 2.4.
They require a full Python install.
They’re BSD licensed (but this should be compatible with GPL)
We’re reverse engineering the file format, so not all its features are supported, though most are.
And most important of all: It won’t be really useful to anyone that isn’t directly intersted in modding Morrowind.
On the plus side, it’s actively mantained.

So this doesn’t really belong here and I just wanted to show off :). Anyway, we got our page, and are setting up an easier distribution system for the users, and therefore there’s no real need to bundle these with Blender.

My question is (if I am allowed to ask) is there a scripts registry somewhere? A place where scripts can be registered with a description of what they do, a link to an homepage, and possibly a little hd space for the file and a couple of screenshots? The Scripts section of the Blender homepage is hardly complete, and a forum by its nature won’t hold this sort of infoin any organized way.

Sorry if I went a bit offtopic. I’ll punish myself prehempitively by denying myself television and going to bed early.

Here is another useful script not in my list

Blender Ray Trace Baker


We sort of had a registry on the wiki, but it is currently down, we are planning to become more organized about it, hopefully in the near future.


I have written 2 scripts

These are also found in the Modifier-Script Directory of the Blender-Homepage. I dont understand why we dont use this directory here also?

Its a good example for typical “Blender” confusion: 1000 information on 1000 sites about 1 program. Its really so difficult to use 1 site?

Bye pne

I have read, that you have proposed my script in the list.

Of course I am honoured to have been inserted in your list.

I am absolutely new to this kind of things so I have quickly read the main post of this topic to understant it better.

After a first moment of entusiasm I have discovered that Blender Conference you talk about is over. Than I have tryed to understand if my script is finally in the list or not, looking for informations in Elysiun or Blender site, without succes.

Is there anybody that can help me to understand how to get more informations?

At the end, just an explanation: my script is an importer so “m2 importer” is better :wink: . Even if when I will have finished the importer i could take in to consideration to write the exporter.

Thank you all for the attention and consideration.

Bye, bye


When I list a script I’m just making people aware of what is available, not neccessarily proposing anything (except in the sense that I want all useful scripts possible bundled with Blender).

The release schedule and plan has changed a bit since I posted the original message. The current plan is to first stabalize the API and then decide on the scripts to bundle since some work will likely be needed on most scripts to get them fully working with the API changes.


ply format importer and exporter


Improved Softimage XSI exporter

NOTE: This adds in support for the Shockwave 3D conversion tools.

I’ll have a few more updates over the next week or two, but this version should be OK to include in the distro.


Unreal static mesh exporter


Hi. I have a million (ok actually 1552) public .3ds models that I use for some drawings. Scripts to import 3d studio files (and occasionally Lightwave, 3dMax, wavefront and radiosity) haven’t been mentioned, but I would like them added. I eventually want to convert everything to .blend, but haven’t finished yet. I understand there is a new importer/exporter coming to blender2.40. This is a great thing…but, unfortunately some of the 3rd party applications may not be modified for some time to allow network connections of this kind, so for the time being, I would like all I/O scripts from the last version to be included in the next one please.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

autosmooth - for exporting smoothing groups?