blend 2 exe?

how do I make a blend into an exe? I know there was some utility that would do it with 2.25. does it work with 2.33? if so where is it?

it is on the file menu

problem is that in 2.32 no standalone runtime executable was released

blender 2.33a doesn’t only have those compress and sign and lock options if you enable the player, but I think there was a program or something created that compiled an exe of a blend file and where you could put the settings you wanted…

sorry to be clueless but what is ‘save runtime’, and ‘save dynamic runtime’?
<edit> so without blender this standalone player is needed to run a ‘runtime’ export? which would be saved with the extension .exe?
<edit> ok I think i got it all straightened out.

the dynamic runtime has the dll files seperate

it is easier to use external python modules with it, but it needs to be distribuited with its dlls

without blender? the player is combined with a .blend to create an exe, but it can also run .blend files on its own.

oh, okay

ok, other than the falling through the floor bug,…ahem,…I tried running the exe on another computer, and it said it couldn’t find py22 dll. So I need to install the py22 dll on a system for it to run?
<edit> btw the way i got it to work was to copy the files into the directory that i installed 2.33 into,…i noted that it had some files in it that were already in the directory, so i didn’t replace the old ones…was i supposed to for it to pack the dll or something?

If you saved as a dynamic runtime, you should get that python dll and distribute it along with the player.
Here´s the link for the blenderplayer 2.33 for windows:
When you put this player file in the same directory as Blender 2.33a, the Save Runtime menu option becomes functional.

well, I already got the player from the previous thread, before that i wasn’t able to output any runtime at all. The player turned out an exe, but it only ran on my machine. I haven’t even tried a dynamic one, but I am thinking I’ll wait until they cure the falling through floor bug. It makes it pretty much impossible to play any game that involves gravity and a floor.

Modron, after some clueless tweaking, I got my game rid of the floor bug.

arangel, anything in particular you tweaked?

Initial vertical position (a little above the ground) and colision sphere size, mostly.

thanks man i’ll try that. I just made a little rally car, and the tires are just parented on, so that should work well since it needs to be just above the ground. btw, any idea how i can get the py22 dll to pack into the exe?
<edit> arg still falling through the floor in the exe.
<edit> I think it has minimized it somewhat though.

Hi !

Sorry to disturb, but did you found the solution to pack dll into the EXE ?

I am fighting with this, but no luck yet.

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The two required .dll files cannot be packed into the .exe file and should be included with the .exe for distribution.

You can create a self extracting zip file so the user never notices the fact there are 2 support files with the .exe. Just visit and look at Winzip Self Extractor. You can even add your own icon to the .zip file for that professional touch.

Ricky Dee

if it is can not be bundled, how that is possible, that these samples at Blender website do not require dlls :

they used a different version of blender, before blender switched to python 2.3 and started using SDL

so yes, in blender probably could be compiled to statically link to the dlls, it wouldn’t be worth the effort