i cant open it. could you just post a .blend file?

Nice, the camera is working, but for some reason the character lunges forward in the global Y+ direction when I start the game.

.BLEND! Please.

Looks cool. Too bad the mouselook doesn’t work for me. I turned off Dynamic on the camera and it didn’t lunge forward, so I could at least check out the file. For some reason the walk animation only played when I went up or down, but not left to right. Also, if you set the TrackTo to 1 instead of 0, it makes turning smoother

If you ever have time, you should make a simplified version where 2 keys rotate the camera around the player, and the arrows move him relative to the camera. I’ve been trying to figure out a camera/control setup like that, but haven’t had much luck yet.


It’s got a .blend file inside… Is it too hard to use winrar or winzip?

I have some trobles with blend too… The character flyes to Y =|||

Wonderful, I like it! This is being saved into the big blender folder.

It works just fine for me, but I’m still using 2.41. 2.42 brings about strange things!

it’s nice to see you pop in every once in a while 3DGURU :slight_smile:

Yeah, it works bad in 2.42. I wonder why… I tried to fix it. Didn’t work.

try on old versions

that is a nice camera set up, do you mind if I use it in my game? i’ll give you credit of couse lol, also, the character flies in 2.42 because the character mesh still has collision set on, if you turn it off it works fine