Blend and property action

Is there no way to use BlendIn if your action is a property action?

you can play to actions using the same property, and then set the layers right I believe.

you can also have a second property that is property 1 + Offset

I’ll try and get a example working before my kiddie awakens.

Ok so, this plays one or the other,

I have the properties setup right, but not the action actuator

Can some one fix the action actuator? I don’t use them very often.

space plays both actions but I can’t seem to get them to blend.


DemoRig.blend (460 KB)

And i think therein lies the problem. blendin may not work with the property action actuator. As far as I’ve seen anyways. And that would be a massive bummer

Yeah, I use properties to manage most of my animations, if it’s something that needs to be more adaptive, I manipulate the ik target item in the game engine using logic rather then actions.

Well I’m using it for my main animations so i can control the speed everything moves on the fly. (playing with slow mo magic powers) So the problem is i have no blending between any of my walk cycles etc.


I think I could hack it to only start the next action at a common keyframe hence, walk -> to run smoothly.

So here is part 1 - the “frame speedup”

I will need to do more logic so if you hold walk for x seconds it transitions into a run.

Press E and D to slow/speed up the action speed.


speedGrade.blend (454 KB)

i do see a smooth speedup in yours bpr, but i cant really tell if its blending in since its just a cube, maybe they are 1 in the same but im not sure. I think blending in will make like, in between keyframes.