.blend do java

is there a way to make blender file do java

In pasts posts, you have used the word “do” when you meant “to”, so I feel the need to ask which of these two things you mean:

  1. Can I make Blender run Java code (internally)?

  2. Can I use Java (externally) to run my Blender content?

Probably a little off topic; I’ve seen you guys be so patient and considerate with inexperienced users and English as other language that I am just in awe of this group of blender users. Your passion for the software and its use is unsurpassed of any other technical community I’ve had experience with. I for one would be proud to belong to this group. You inspire me both technically, and more important, socially. Thanks guys!

There seems to be alot of people on here that dont really speak english that well. jeese blender has spread far ! :smiley: