.blend examples hard to learn from (this is mostly my fault)

Why is it I can never control the camera views? All I can do is look through the camera lens… and if I try and move that I can’t really rotate it around a ‘point’ … unless I fix the origin marker to a second camera… then I won’t get annoyed with the mouse3 ‘arching’ spinning ways…

it’s like I’m trying to focus… or maybe do a fly-by through my circuit… all you can do with the camera is zoom in… out… and some weird rotating faff…


I find it such a pain to get what I want (an object or an invisible trigger) to look at in a scene… it appears at a nasty angle or I can’t ‘find’ what I want because it’s so hard to navigate… I’ve checked the last 10 pages of the gaming forums…

slightly on target… https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22441&highlight=navigate+scene+camera


shift+f in camera mode: fly mode

when in fly mode:
lmb: forward faster
mmb: accelerate backwards [slow down if moving forward]
rmb: cancel
space: stop, keep new camera position
alt: move up
control: move down

the speed is based on your grid size, if you have a big scene create a new 3d window with a much larger grid so you can move around in it without clicking as much

fly mode!

ahh yes… they seem to change the GUI or certain items when they release new builds… I couldn’t find the SpinDup button

thanks for the fly tip!