.blend file format?

(Waffler) #1

I was trying to write a python exporter, but I ran into a little problem. I couldn’t figure out how to export armature information or vertex groups. Nobody seemed to have the answers I wanted, so I thought of a difforent way that might work. If I knew the format of a .blend file then I could simply make a program that reads through one and saves a new file based on the information in it. I have heared that a .blend file is basically just a memory dump, but even memory dumps still have some structure. I really need to export armatures, animation, and vertex groups for my game’s character meshes. Help!

(theeth) #2

you cannot get armature info, but you can export the deformed mesh with Blender.NMesh.GetRawFromObject

the .blend format is not documented, but there is a perl script floating around that can parse it and convert it.