Blend file objects from a file I downloaded does not have material properties under properties tab

I downloaded a blend file and started retopologizing the model. In materials properties I can only see the viewport display for all objects (even the ones I created) but not the objects’ materials properties. I’ve never seem that and I have no idea on how to make that menu reappear. What can I do?

Link for blend file:

Close it down. Make sure you have your standard default scene in Blender. Do a File>Open and choose that file, but make sure you open the options bit on the top right and uncheck Load UI.

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It worked!! Thank you!

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I wish that checkbox was unticked by default. Very rarely, if ever, do I want to see someone else’s weird way of setting up Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

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Amazing :slight_smile: I’ve never noticed that before. Yes!

That’s nice. Thank you! :blush: