.blend file recovery

So I lost some .blend files (rm -rf * in wrong directory XD) ive been trying to use a program to recover the data but it wants to know the file header and offset…

“Specify signature by entering header (maximum of 8 bytes - Ex: 01 ff 0c d1 f4 00 03 05) in hexadecimal and its corresponding offset (between 0 and 511) in decimal format”

It also asks for a max file size… the program im using is stellar phoenix… if anyone knows the header and offset i would be forever greatful.

Also if anyone knows another program that will get the job done… preferably for free… :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch guys!

I used mc to see what’s inside .blend… Each file starts with BLENDER_v249REND up to BLENDER_v259REND which is it’s signature.
In hex : 42 4C 45 4E 44 45 52 5F 76 32 34 39 52 45 4E 44 - that would be 49 in bold. Offset = 0
Max file length - hard to tell, say, start with some 10Mb.
Keep backups next time:yes:. Good luck.

Thanks expo!

I need to keep backups =p