.blend file save path

How do I set or reset the save path for a blender file? Using “save as” doesn’t seem to work like I’d expect. Usually when I want to save my work and use just “save” I get a popup that want me to confirm a save over the previous copy: fair enough, that’s what I want. But sometimes it saves the file as “xxx.blend1” and then later on I can get “xxx.blend1.blend”… Trying to change these rediculous renamings doesn’t work, if I want to save at all, Blender seems to insist that I use the changed filenames. What’s going on here, and how do I deal with it?

I’m not sure if this will help, because I am a little fuzzy on what you actually want to do - it seems you want to save un untitled file. Okay, first off, Blender creates a default file (B.blend) in a root directory on you PC or Mac. This is usually invisible, but you can see where it is by going into your windows explorer, or even Mac Os Explorer, and selecting “view hidden files”.

This file contains the cube, lamp, and camera that pops up as default. Now: what you seem to be having trouble with is the number of save files Blender creates. If you go to the top of your Blender main window and mouse over the top edge, you can pull this down to reveal a bunch of settings. All you have to do is click on the autosave button, then change the number of Save Versions to however many you desire (including 0, if you want none) You can also change the number of minutes in autosaves.

Hope this helps?

Actually, what I want to do is save my work over the aleady-named file, as is customary in any application I ever used. In Blender, however, the program seems to randomely re-name the file, as mentioned in my original query, adding a “1” to the filename at some point and later on, as said, saving the “filename.blend1” file as “filename.blend1.blend”. To me, this seems totally bizzare. Why can’t I just keep overwriting the original file I created, keeping the same filename?
I see in the prefernces area you referred to, that the number of autosaves is set to 1. Perhaps this is, indeed, at the root of the problem. I’ll set it to zero and see what happens.
Thanks for your reply.


What you’re experiencing is Blender’s automatic version saving. If I save a file: blah.blend, and then try to save a new version on top of blah.blend, what actually happens is that the original blah.blend is renamed to blah.blend1 and the new file that you’re saving becomes blah.blend. So, you have automatic backups of previous saved versions of your file - i.e. If you save a file 5 times (and ‘Save Versions’ is set to 5), you’ll have the 5 most recent versions of that file backed up as well with .blend1, .blend2, .blend3 and so on, where the lower number is the younger version.

If you don’t like this, you can turn it off by setting ‘Save Versions’ to 0 in the Auto Save tab of user preferences, but I’d recommend just getting used to it since it’s a very good feature, and has saved my butt a number of times.

OK. Thanks, this is beginning to make some sense now. But what about “blah.blend.blend”? Is this totally new series of autosaves? How does it fit into the previous hierarchy of “blah.blendx” saves?

Ah, I doubt you’ll find any .blend.blend, but there may be .blend1.blend - this is what happens when you try to save over a .blend1 file - blender sees it’s not named with .blend and automatically gives it a .blend extension.

Perhaps it would be best if Blender didn’t append extensions to .blend1, .blend2, .blend* files as well as .blend…

Right! Well, thanks for the help. I can see what’s happening now and should be able to live with it.