Blend File Saved On Ubuntu Linux Is Not Supported By Blender In Windows 8.1

When I save a file on Ubuntu linux from Blender and then try to open the same file in Windows 8.1, it says file format not supported. I thought blend files worked across platforms. What’s the issue. I have been having problems with windows 10 because it crashed on my main pc and am now having to use linux live until I can fix the problem. I have no internet access on it right now and my video card is not working right I am guessing due to no driver support and thus parts of the image are rendered gray even when the piece is scaled down. I don’t know what to do there. I just don’t know why a blend file saved on one OS will not open with another when it’s supposed to be a universal file.

Never had a problem in either direction. Make sure you’re using official Blender in Ubuntu and not the one installed from the repository.