Blend file won't load.

Hey. I have a 3 megabyte blend file I created using Blender 2.45. It clearly contains lots of content. Yet when I try to load the blend, nothing appears in the 3D editor.

If I try to “Append of Link,” it lets me browse the list of objects inside the file, but I can’t load any of them either.

I never get any sort of error message in the console window. It just says:

Compiled with Python version 2.5
Checking for installed Python… got it!

How can I recover the contents of this blend file? If recovery is impossible, how can I prevent this problem from occurring again? I can’t rely on Blender for any of my projects if Blender randomly stops being able to read its own files.

Note: There is a blend1 auto-backup file in the same directory. It won’t load either.

When you open the file, switch to the Outliner. See if your objects are listed there, and check that their visibility is on. Hope this helps.

Ah! I found it, it’s all in the third scene.

I wasn’t expecting it to have more than one scene… I guess that’s what the “delete scene” button is for on collada imports.

Thanks for the advice. :smiley: I should be okay now. This was a MakeHuman > Blender pipeline issue, BTW. So if anyone else encounters the same problem, hopefully google will bring them to this thread so they can learn from my mistake!

If you can’t see the contents of your blend file, check and see how many scenes you have. :smiley: You might have 2 blank scenes and all the content’s tucked away in the third scene. :stuck_out_tongue: