.blend file won't open . . . compressed?

Well I’m a Noob and I found a Millennium Falcon model converted into a blend file that won’t open in blender. I get an ERROR . . . FILE IS NOT A .BLEND FILE when I try to open it.

Heres the details of the situation . . . The original was a zip file so I unzipped it and in the falcon_map folder it created there was a file called “falcon_map_compress.blend”. I double clicked it to open it and when it opened blender it gave me that ERROR above. I tried looking for an option in the file menu that would open it but nothing worked.

Does anyone know about this type of situation? I thought that it would have a .gz extension if it WAS compressed but it doesn’t.

Does anybody know where to get a millennium falcon model on the net that will work with blender?


you can import 3ds files and LW files in Blender

3ds = 3D Studio max (.3ds)

LW = Lightwave 3d + Materials (.lwo)

you can’t open .max files in Blender though