Blend File Zapped

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone experienced the following problem:

I was about a half hour into a project, and had saved the file twice. I closed Blender to go do some other things, came back opened the blend file, everything was fine. Then the electricity went off for a hour or so. When I tried to open my project, I got an error saying not a Blender file.
I thought I might be able to append the objects, but the file was completely empty. In the past I’ve been working on something and the power went off, but I only lost what I had not saved. Thought this was kind of wierd.

strange, that the file on the harddrive is broken… maybe you hit “save” and just in the same moment the electricity went off? a very unlikely accident. sorry i can’t help.

1)Look for the file.blend1- Each time you save it saves the previously saved .blend as .blend1 (although you could go up to .blend99 if you set the property to do so, but 1 is default). Because you saved twice, there should be that backup in the same directory as the original.

2)There will also be backups stored in your temp directory (Usually C: mp on windows). This isn’t your windows temp directory, it’s the one defined in Blender’s property window. Just search for the last modified .blend file- it should be a series of numbers (eg. 754.blend).

3)I see you already tried appending your files. That would have been my 3rd suggestion.

Just a note: When you save you can use the + key to append a version number to your blend file. So you would have file1.blend file2.blend, etc. This is very useful, especially if you want to undo something and have already saved and closed.

Hi solmax and RipSting,

Thank you for replying to my post. I use Blender for OS-X, and whenever I quit blender, it saves a file called quit.blend to my main directory. I had opened up some other files, to check if they had been zapped also. When I did, I guess it wrote over the copy of the file in question. Oh well, I was able to recreate my project, just glad it wasn’t some major work.

Thanks RipSting, for the tip using the + key to append a version number.

quit.blend is a file that Blender saves when you exit normally from the program. If your power went out then it wouldn’t have had time to save one. Anyway, that’s not the file I was talking about. In that same folder there should be other .blend files that just have a series of numbers for their file name. By default one is saved every 5 minutes. But I guess if you’ve already rebuilt your scene then there isn’t much point except for future reference.

2)There will also be backups stored in your temp directory (Usually C: mp on windows).

Thank you!!!

I just retrieved a model that I had about 8 to 10 hours into (without saving) & had thought I had lost to a pc crash :smiley: