.BLEND files don't open with Blender automaticly

Hi there,

While ‘organizing’ my Blender maps on my PC (Vista 64) I clicked something like “allways open .blend files with Acrobat Reader”. Now if I click a .blend file, Acrobat starts up saying it can not open it. There is the opportunity of choosing an other prgram from a list, but if I click the Blender.exe icon it won’t appear in the list. Nore will it change the icon. All other programs )installed on my PC (for example ImageReady or Word) are possible to choose, except for Blender ?!? :’(
I still can open the .blend files in Blender, but have to drag them to the Blender shortcut or open them while in Blender. If I save a new .blend model, it’s with the same Acrobat icon …AArgh, am I such a n00b? Did I miss out on something? Pls let me know… THX!


Right click a .blend file --> open with --> default program --> browse. then select Blender.exe

make sure you click “always open with this program”

Don’t worry, all you have to do is; right click on a blender file, hit open with, then click chose program, browse to blender, make sure the “always use selected program” is checked and hit done. Now you can just click a .blend file and blender will open it.:slight_smile:

Ha! He bet me!

Thx but sorry guys, this doesn’t work. I just can’t select Blender from the list of programs. It’s there, but can’t select it…All other prorgams on my PC will, except for Blender ?! I already re-installed Blender, but no results…
Maybe some other ideas?


I had that problem…
I had to rename blender.exe to something else before it would show up in the list.(I used blend.exe)

go to control panel -> folder options -> file types then find “BLEND” then click it then… I forgot but I know it’s simple from their.

(not on Windows right now so can’t help much.)

@ Minifig: It worked…Thx very much!!


This simple process doesn’t work for blender.exe?? Why? right click .blend file / open with /choose default program / select browse buton and, find path to blender.exe, then select it. Check Always use… kind of file. / OK
Two blender windows come up …\blenderplayer.exe the other with the file name rigging003.blend
however, there are many messages in the player.exe window: unable to initialize image(0) in MApants, like about 20 total.
And none of the menus/control come up on the second window - the open process just stalls out.
Blender 2.57 opens and runs file if opened from menu or shortcut - just not the selection of .blend file!!??