.blend files gone missing

I’ve done nothing differently than I usually do: I work on my current Blender project, I save it and back it up. But when I opened Blender recently and tried to continue on my current project, Blender told me it couldn’t find any of my recent .blend files. It’s odd, all files I created and saved within the last couple of months are gone, the older stuff is still there. Only .blend files have been affected, textures that are .pngs and the like as well as reference material are still there.

Does this have something to do with my computer or with Blender? I tried to recover my files in different ways, nothing works and I don’t remember any updates happening recently.

That’s strange indeed. Can you locate the files outside of blender via your file browser?
Please tell us your Blender version and OS.

Also, welcome to BA.

No, I have tried that. My Blender version is 2.79 and my OS is Windows 10. Thank you!

Don’t know if this is relevant… but at one point around 2009 I was using Blender on an old mac, but saving to an external hard-drive that used NTFS format. The mac didn’t handle NTFS directly… there was an addon that allowed me to save to NTFS… but I had to activate it and mount the hard-drive every time I booted… otherwise blender would THINK it had saved to the harddrive, but infact it hadn’t.