Blend files on the Blenderella CD

I opened the blend file (blenderella.blend) that’s on the CD and for some reason the subserf modifier is disabled… Does anyone know why or how to enable it or turn it on? There is a mask but it’s says something about under clothes. I’ve tried deleting it but that makes no difference…

The subserf works on the blenderella_topology_markers.blend. I suppose I could just save that to my hard drive and take out the topology markers so I can study the mesh. I like to know why these things happen though.

Any ideas anyone?

In the Scene settings there is a panel called Simplify. Deselect it to show the effect of the subsurf modifier. Having this selected over-rides some settings to make the scene easier to work with and to make a quick render rather than having to adjust the settings for each object individually.

Yep that did it.

Thank you!