Blend files

webside to download blend files (except blender swap because its didnt work now)

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I do not get what you are trying to say.
Are you saying that you want a website to download assets (?)
Or you have assets that you want to upload on a website (?)

blendswap is the main place to get free blend assets. with the issues the site has been going through, im guessing he wants an alternative place to get stuff.

with that said, i have not much idea. the teams im in makes all our own stuff.

Blendswap still unavailable.

@wellerankanto is correct.

Weird . . .

theres a thread in #general-forums:off-topic-chat about why this is.

their main web dev took a job for a bigger company and blendswap hasnt found a replacement yet. thats the last story i heard.

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