.blend Filesize

I have a project that I’m working on now it’s a game
For mobile phone. right now I’m working on it level by level so i noticed the file size 290 mib but i had to delete a few models which i deformed by sculpting it a little, my question is how can i make a well accepted looking game with low size? considering that the size i got i didn’t applied any animations or textuers yet. Can anyone advice me how to manage a full game with a low size? Like many games.
And is the saved file as .blend represents the final size at the moment or it will change depending on the game engine that will be imported to?
I’m a beginner so every tiny tip and trick could help me.

And thank you very much

I’d say the size of the blend file is not a meaningful measure of the size of the end result. There is quite a bit of bloat, I feel is not really necessary. Just remember that an empty file already is 600-800 kB. You should better calculate manually. Figuring out how much space your game engine roughly needs per mesh vertex and per texture pixel shouldn’t be too hard.

I tried to google somthing of what you said i didn’t get any result of the vertex and textuers pixels limits, and I’m afraid of proceed and than have to start over.
Do you have a link discussing what you’ve said? I really need to know more about modeling phase so as i had mentioned don’t want to face restart modeling.

Thank you very much

I’d assume you worry too much. But for obtaining that info, if it is not on the net, you likely have to test it yourself for the game engine you want to use. Import a model with like nothing in it, say 100 vertices, then import a model with 1000000 vertices and check the difference in memory usage / file size.

I think I’m worring too much but you know I’m working hard to just let it go, I’ll do as you said.

Thank very much.