blend for mathematics

for mathemathics i had to do a assigment. i had to draw a figure in perspective from 5 slizes made from the figure. i had troubles drawing it so i blended it.

here it is:

the black parts are the slizes. the light part is the figure that resulted from the slizes and the wire part are the cut off sections of the original pyramid (for calculations).

C&C for making a math teacher look stunned please 8) .

If by slize you mean slice, as in slice of pizza.

Cool, but with the black and white it looks like a randomly shaded shape.

what i had to to is draw a perspectice drawing with only the black things as a hint. the views were 2 cm above each other. the goal of the picture is to show the object you get when you connect the edges of the black faces with faces.

Excellent work, you might want to try a slightly shallower viewing angle so your teacher can see the bottom 2 shapes easier :slight_smile:

ill try that. btw this is made with the latest test build. face selection is VERY handy if you want to use vertex group colors.

what do you think. is it better?

(i think yes)


my teacher was very happy and wanted to know how i did it :-? .