Blend from Shape with soft selection?

That is my question.

I know there is proportional editing for element level editing, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to use it with tools like “Blend from Shape”.

Am I missing something?

Anyway, the reason for this - I would need this for splitting blend shapes with soft transition.

Or perhaps I need to do it with Python?

Use vertex groups to limit the shapekeys (that’s your soft selection); use “new shape from mix” to write those VGs into a new shapekey; blend from shape with your new shapekey.

Splitting shapes doesn’t require blend from shape though; just divide your mesh into a normalized set of vertex groups, limit that shapekey by each in turn, and “new mix from shape” for each.

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Thanks, that does work.

I guess I’ll have to automate this somehow.

Got some sort of scripted version working that splits the shape from source shapes…

Too tired already and not sure if this works in all cases I would need but at least I got it working.

Thanks again.


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