Blend hair into mesh

(hollallen) #1

I am curious if anyone has any idea on how to blend hair ends into a mesh. I have some fur on ankles that basically ends close to the leg/ ankle but I would like to have the fur at the tip blend into the mesh. I tried combing the hair close but can’t get it close enough. Any ideas?

(zeauro) #2

By default, there is a Deflect Emitter Distance set at 0.250 to avoid to intersect particles with mesh surface while combing hair.
You can decrease this value or disable the option to comb particles closer.
Problem may also be related to length of hair kept constant while combing.

(hollallen) #3

Thanks zeauro. I will give that a try.

(hollallen) #4

Zeauro, just letting you know it worked. That hit the spot. Thanks again. and problem solved.