Blend Material for Cycles?


I’m trying to look for like a VrayBlend Material.
Currently, I blend materials in the following:

  1. Mix Shader
    a) Principled Metal Shader
    b) Principled Paint Shader

What I am after is like this

  1. Blend Shader (has the #2 and #3 as a link. It doesn’t reside in the blend shader itself)
  2. Principled Metal Shader
  3. Principled Paint Shader

The main difference is you can reuse the metal shader to other blend shaders. In the first option, you have to duplicate the metal shader again and again.

I was hoping that I can just drag material into another material node. But it doesn’t work.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you for looking at the problem.

You can store the Shaders you want to mix together in a Node Group. Node Groups are kind of like Functions in programming if that’s familiar to you - you change it in one place and it’s changed everywhere.

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Yep. This should work.

Thanks for the response!