.blend Object Library for GE props

I’ve seen this done all the time, I’m just not sure how to do it. I want to have a .blend file with props for a game all set aside and ready to go. The objects all have unique names and are all set with proper size and rotation. I need to be able to append? the whole .blend file in a way so that the objects don’t appear in the scene but are kept in a Library and can easily be added into the scene. If I grouped the props separately then I could press Space > Add > Group, and add each individual one that way. Is there any way to do this or would I have to hide the objects in a separate layer?

If I’m going to be making a game it would be convenient to load a specific object library with a certain theme to it, like one with medieval objects, or Old English stuff; then I’d want the objects to be easily accessible without the hassle of appending each object.

Any ideas?

As of right now, you can’t do it ( right? ) but there is a feature under development called “Dynamic Loading” wich should allow to use libraries as if they were merged with the actual .blend ( so you can for example add objects with the actuator like if they where in an hidden layer ) and other nice things, though I don’t know with wich version of Blender it will come out ( maibe not before 2.5 :frowning: )

There is the thread here in the forum but I can’t remember it now, search for Dynamic Loading :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I think something like this was used in Yo Frankie for placing the scenery objects around. It has to do with a python code, maybe. To import a library of group objects that can be accessed from add>group.

It’s possible. Haha. I just did it for cyclon. Just use append and click link. Make sure to create groups in your blend that you’re linking, and give it a good name.

Here is a video tutorial from YoFrankie! that I believe shows what you want.


If you want to perform an add object operation with objects from the group during runtime, you have to place the linked groups to a hidden layer. All objects from the hidden layer regardless of their groups are accessable as add object template. So you have the choice to place all objects to be added in one or more groups.

I hope it helps

Check the MouseOrbiter Library Thread to see an example of linking.

As the others said, until dynamic loading comes out, the only way is the standard grouping and then linking/appending in the .blend ( I would suggest linking, since appending copy the object inside the target .blend so you are actually wasting space )

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@-[Killer]-: Thanks, it worked out great.

@Moguri: Thanks much. I bookmarked the video link, it was very helpful and expanded on what -[Killer]- said.

@Monster: Thanks for the reference.

@PadrePioX: The linking works good and is what I was aiming for. I guess I got a little carried away in my first post and went to far at describing what I was looking for. The information was helpful though, I’ll look forward to dynamic linking.

So thanks again everyone for the help, it is much appreciated. I can now say this problem has been solved. :smiley:


Good luck then, :slight_smile:
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You can do this without going over adding groups 1 by 1.

  • In your libraray file have a scene with all its group instances. (layer 20 or some layer you know to keep de-activated)
  • Link this scene into your empty blend file.
  • Make the scene a ‘set scene’ in the render buttons.
  • Make sure the layer 20 is off when you run the game.
    Now the set scenes dupli instances should be available

Also nice with this is that you only link in 1 scene, so you can modify it in the library and add new elements without having to add into your game file.

PS, dynamic loading should be in for 2.5beta-0 or beta-1

@ideasman42: Thank you for the help. Also I am not quite familiar with Dynamic Loading, though I have heard of it from PadrePioX.