Blend & Paint or Chaos & Evolutions?

I’m going to get the Blenderella DVD and since I was ordering I’m thinking of getting something else. I don’t really have the extra cash for three DVDs at the moment so sadly I have to choose.

If you’ve bought both Blend & Paint and Chaos & Evolutions which one would you recommend?

I have seen a good review of Blend & Paint but can’t seem to find one on Chaos & Evolutions. If anyone knows of one could you pass it along? Or tell us how you like it.


I’d get Blend and Paint. Chaos and Evolutions is great for learning to digitally paint. But if you want something more Blender focused with a bit of paint instruction and inspiration I think Blend and Paint is better.

Chaos & Evolutions looks at the process of 2D digital painting and Blend & Paint looks at painting over a 3D scene. The focus is different, so get the one that fits what you want to do.
They’re both great and I learned a lot from both. I found Chaos & Evolutions a bit more fun to watch because it had a smaller speedup factor and it had background music, but it really depends on what you want to focus on - your 2D or your 3D apps.

Well, in this case I do want to learn more about digital painting.

I have different projects in mind that I want a different look for. However I do like the idea of using Blender to set up proportions and perspective so that I can focus on drawing and painting. Now that I write it down that does sound exactly like what Blend & Paint is supposed to show you how to do :slight_smile: Maybe I just answered my own question!

Yeah, just go for it, you can always get the other one later.