Blend the Name. (Game)

I know this has been done before.
But it was a lot of fun and there are new people who didnt get to experience it.
So here we go.

  1. Blend a scene/object of someones name from this topic.
  2. Dont poke fun at someone using this method.
  3. Keep it fun and remember its a game not a contest.

A good way to find ideas is to Google search the SN.

so we just render a pic of their screename?

No here is an example.
Using the name from the user sprinkles.

why not just bring back the original thread?

Because it died so very long ago and people dont like it when an old thread is brought back from the depths beyond.

Come one people its real easy.
Heres one I did for the user tuggles.

umm… do you NOT turn on OSA just to annoy us…

and if you did… you definitly need to turn it higher


That was done a LONG time ago.
Sry if i was no0bish back then.

Alrighty, here’s this one. All suckiness is intentional.

Guess who.

Edited - i get it now, lol
i must be friggin retarded or something…

we need some more interesting names

valarking: Just friggin hilarious man.


This is not fair. No one will do my name :stuck_out_tongue:

lol 5mins worth of work

lol yes it is proberly the worst thing iv ever made but hey what ya gonna do :stuck_out_tongue:

(btw its grython)
2 minutes tops, sorry if my fudge pic looks like a shit brick :smiley:

On the contrary, yours’ is relatively easy.

The “Dux bellorum” was the title allegedly given to King Arthur.

I whipped this one up pretty fast. It’s everyone’s favorite monkey in some armor…

Is anyone (besides Valarking) really interested in doing this again so soon?

On the contrary, yours’ is relatively easy.

Granted, if you know your latin. Which I assume not many do %| Actually, the term is older than that, and quite literally means warlord, or duke of war. You’re knight is kewl, though :slight_smile:

Now, if “dux bellorum” is warlord, then would bellorum be “war”?
Or does “dux bellorum” literally mean “first warlord”?

Bellorum is the genitive plural of bellum,‘war’. This makes it when translated closer to ‘of wars’, rather than ‘war’. Yes, I can be a pedant, especially when I am under orders from my girlfriend to post this… (She’s a classics (latin&ancient greek) graduate, go figure)