.blend to .max

I have a .blend that I am trying to give to someone who needes it in 3D max 9. He says that it needs a .max. As far as I know, blender does not come with a preloaded export script for .max. Does anyone know of a way for either: 1- Me to get an export script for (hopefully) not terribly expensive. 2- Me to find some other way to change it to .max. OR 3- If their is someway he can get it from one of the formats I can export to using pre-loaded scripts, like maybe a .3ds?

If it’s just a model, you can export it as an obj file, otherwise use the Collada format. (he’ll have to get the Collada plugin for max installed)

3ds max is proprietary software and only its makers can make use the format.

.OBJ or .FBX would be the way to go from Blender to 3DS MAX, both are supported in Blender’s builtin export menu.

yep, use .FBX because it supports animation export/ carries a wee bit more data than .obj :slight_smile: