.blend tut

I am trying to make a .blend file showing how to get results with different lights. the trick is to show some text with each layer.?how can I pack a .blend so the text is layer specific. I know I have to pack the text with the blend but how do I get it to pop up on each layer? can I?

You don’t have to pack it, just save it. Look in the first link in my sig for “Basic Training” file, a tut by [email protected]


cant find it fligh% I also did some searches. what I want to do is have the text editor widow change with each 3-D window layer

Just put each new step of the tut in a new Scene and tell the user at the end of each text page to open the relevant Scene.



that’s a really good blend with allot of info I am surprised I never saw it before. I look at allot of blender and 3-d sites.
That’s how I am setting this up.Any way this is the humble beginning of my on info blend. Any suggestions on some basic examples that I should include, some of the most common questions. I am going to do a YAFRAY scene with hdri next I think.
very small change

[email protected] would be happy if you took the ‘Basic Training’ blend and modified it or updated/added to it. That might not be what you want to do, I’m just mentioning it.


good idea
I may do that. I am hoping to make a blend with some examples of different set ups ( another simple one would be parenting)
also I would like to set it up so I can link tuts and documentation online with a click I think I can do that. right now I have 2 links but as soon as you alt p they both open that’s ok for 2 web pages but not more. I will try to make a list that can be clicked as I add links.

edit- I see how real easy(because so far thats all the python I can write :smiley: ) just name the text LINK:whatever then open and alt-p
I am changing the link above. my download now has a eysiun link as a python txt named LINK:eysiun it seems to work for me.

anothe scene uv unwrap
im not sure about that link I ll change it if it doesnt work.

It works.


I just started a yafray scene but I am having a hard time with packing images in the UV editor I made 3 screen shots of my setings and loaded them into the UV editor but when I pack my .blend file the only image that gets packed is the one that I can see in the UV editor when I save. I am trying to use the UV editor to show .jpegs of my set up, made from screen capture. do the images loaded into the uv editor have to assined to a mesh to be packed or be seen in the UV editor when I save to be packed?
edit – http://z08.zupload.com/download.php?file=getfile&filepath=1342
can some one take a look at this and let me know if the jpegs are in the UV editor. I think I see how to do this I have to pack the .blend with each file showing in the UV editor. when the file is paked the 0 is not in front of it in the menu at the UV editor.

3 textures, 2 with zero in front and all 3 show.