.blend VS .exe

Hi all,

I am about to ship my second game!!

I was wondering if compileing the .blend into a windows EXE would gane me some FPS…

is it better to just ship the .blend? or the .exe? (both will be available, I want Linux users to have this game too)

I have noticed that the blender player executes my games with a better FPS than if I run it in blender (this system only has 256meg system RAM).

Will I gain anything from doing an EXE? will I loose anything?

TIA for any help :slight_smile:

(first one who tells me to go do my own experement, and post my findings gets an E-mail bomb :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t help you there… I can’t get a single .exe one to run so…

If you can’t help, why post? If you want help with your own problem, post a new thread about it.

With an EXE, it has more problems than .blend, it can only be run on windows, and it’s bigger than a compressed blender file. So I suggest using .blend.

Theoretically they should both run at the same rate, though there might be some slight variance due to memory usage while the whole blender program is open. You don’t need to release a .exe to run it with the blenderPlayer, though. You can just run a commandline (in windows) or execute a shell script (in Linux) or do whatever you do on a Mac. I set up a special function in my file options on windows so when I right click a .blend, I can open it with 2.25, 2.41, or 2.42a and I can run it with the blenderPlayer for each.

I’d say release the .blend and let the user run it which ever way they’d like to.

Finally, someone who cares about us.

Yea, publishing the .blend would do it, although the performance on linux will be worse no matter how you run it. There are some framerate tearing problems on Linux, and no one seems to know how to solve/get around them.

Yeah, the file size difference is amazing and a lot of people (me, and me) still use a telephone modem and then there’s the whole linux issue. Doing a seperate exe is fine as long as you offer the blend, though. But really, offering the blenderplayer for that version gives the player a lot more options if you include a batch file and a readme. Just comment out the different resolutions except a standard one and people can run it in any res they want. Name the game with the batch file and someone that has no idea what they’re doing will still double click on it and it will work.

This is great information!

Thanks Folks!

Ummm… Ok so no speed increase from compileing into a EXE!

Cool! that is one step I wont have to take :slight_smile:

I am a linux user as well some of the time… I noticed that there where a couple of Blender games in the Debian apt repository… that is what got me started playing with the BGE again…

Linux needs more games :slight_smile:

well anyways, thanks again everyone :slight_smile:
Hopefully I can release a sneak peek level today of my new game!
I have pretty much everything in place , and working smoothly… just adding some final touches, and making the level a bit more fun to play!