blend1 backup

I mistakenly opened a blend from version 2.49 which I sometimes need.
But even the blend1 file could only be opened with 2.79 but not 2.49 anymore.
How to avoid such in future? Where are the blend1 settings?

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Let me make sure I’m reading your post correctly. You have a file that was created in Blender 2.49 and you opened it in Blender 2.79. But now, you can’t open that file (or its .blend1 backup) in Blender 2.49. Is that correct?

My guess is that you’ve probably edited something while the file was open in 2.79 and then saved the results of that edit. And you did that more than once (the .blend1 file only retains since the last time you hit save, not the last time you opened the file).

yes saved once. why is blend1 also saved? can i change this to maybe have blend1 and blend2?

The .blend1 file is a copy of your previous save. It’s a “poor man’s” version control (so you don’t manually have to save myproject1.blend, myproject2.blend, and so on). And you can absolutely have a higher number of these versioned saves. Go to the File section of User Preferences and look in the right column. There’s a numeric input there labeled “Save Versions”. The default value for that is 1, but you can turn that all the way to 32 if you’d like.