.blend1 files?

hey all, I was wondering if everyone’s getting this or if its just me. When I save a .blend file, I’m not sure if it is immediate or not, but eventually a .blend1 file pops up with the same name. Whats going on? can I delete these?

they are backups. you can delete them, but then…you won’t have a backup. If you ever mess something up royally, you can always delete the .blend and rename the .blend5 to .blend, and resume from there.

ah, thanks for that, makes sense now. since iit doesn’t have the same extension, blender can’t overwrite… or something like that. genius!

In that case, if you know about source (version) control systems (SVN, GIT, etc.) you can just save your main .blend files in there and you won’t have to worry about keeping .blend1; if you really mess up your .blend file locally, you can just revert your file to a working state. I know it’s more of a software developer tool, but even if you don’t code, you can still use it for your own backups.