blend2java 1.99 Beta Preview


blend2java is an exporter which creates xml which can be loaded straight into the Java3D scenegraph. Version 2.0 is approaching completion.

2 New features are: support for uv coordinates, and the ability to create ‘viewer applets’. Viewer applets allow artists to embed their work inside an interactive applet.

Thus people can post their work on a forum, and people can interact with it, rotate it, etc. right in their web browser. A preview applet can be found here: (though some people report not being able to get it to work, I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of those complaints)

Viewer applets require that Java 1.4 be installed, and Java3D be installed.
If you have Java 1.4 installed, but not Java 3D, the applet should prompt you, and take you to the Java3D site.

I’ve been tring to get this to work, but the HowTo says that I need to put:

XMLDecoder e = new XMLDecoder(
new BufferedInputStream(
new FileInputStream(filename)));
Shape3D fred = (Shape3D) e.readObject();

Were do I put this? In the Java console? How do I get to the console?


If you’re writing a 3D applet / game in Java using the Java3D Scenegraph, you would include those lines of code in your program.
blend2java 1.0 is a tool for programmers.

However, the newer version, (not yet released) also has the facility to create ‘viewer applets’. As you can see by following the first link (assuming the applet works, which I believe it does) You can see the 3D model, inside your web browser, and interact with it.