Blend2Pov ver 0.0.6g (Windows, Linux, Linux64 & Mac Os X)


Well after a lot of modifications here is my update.

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6J Windows with cvs 11-25-2006 <----------- NEW!!

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6J Linux with cvs 11-26-2006 by alexv <----------- NEW!!


Current Patch <----------- NEW!!

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6h Windows

Blend2Pov v 0.06f patched in blender 2.42 for Linux by AlexV

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6f Linux by madman

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6f Windows

Tutorials translated by Jose Mauricio Rodas “Morfeus” Original (Spanish) by Alejandro Omar Chocano Vásquez “Alex” <----- NEW


Blend2Pov v 0.0.6e Windows + source

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6D Linux by madman


Blend2Pov v 0.0.6a Windows

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6a Linux by madman

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6a Linux in amd 64 by greboide

Blend2Pov v 0.0.6a Mac Os X by devroo

Old stuff .-

Special thanks a davidOmatic for the installation manuals and ZanQdo for upload those to

This is the list of exports features for v0.0.3

  • All mesh’s are exported as yafray. (FS, SB, dibliverts, static particles, etc.)

  • Global radiosity recording and phothon maps.

  • Standars for radiosity.

  • Standar animation support.

  • Animation only by camara and recording red. and phot. can be active (this aceletate the static scenes like architectual walks).

  • Very simple interface (manual in progres)

  • Manipilation for the random on area ligths (jitter).

  • The Osa parameters are included.

  • The deformation for the camara wend is dif x=1.333*y was fix form previews version.

  • DOF for camara (same parametrers as yafray).

  • Gama is exported.

  • Costum AA thr is exported.

  • Miltimaterials.

  • For materials they are manage as layers and the parameters are similar to yafray.

  • Lamps , Area Ligths, and spots are exported.

  • Hdr info (is posible if you install megapov).

  • Emit on matirial now iradiet light (not only serf ilum.)

  • Cloud, wood, marble, noise, and imagen are supported.(a little bit diferent than the standar) (by using Cloud and change the name of the texture you can also use checkers , hexagon, spotted, spin1 adn spin2 , that are pov materials).

  • A costum link for materials is on Blender text (PovMat) where you can use some materials that are not include in blender like funcition materials, media (for smoke and glows), Fractals , and more.

  • Costum areas fo Camara, Inic, Rad., and photons are include. With this the pov user can ajust the parameters. ex. if you put in PovCam ‘fisheye angle 180’ with out the ‘’ then you will have a fish eye camara in blender that for me is very useful :D.

  • Mirror and Transparency info are exported (configuration is very like yafray).

  • Color band for textures is exported.

  • Only Col and Nor are used in in Map to area (all alphas from imagenes and with colorband are automaticle consider).

  • From Map Input only offset and size are consider, if the object have uvm thats what will use if not then somethin like glob + orco wil be use.

  • Not use ane texture on world , only the base color is use.

I think thats all. Now the next step . . . there was a reason why I was inclinate to de xml generate for yafray and the main was that is going to be more simple to include it inside blender so I’m planing that version 0.0.4 will be like that. That will speed the export a lot and then I can include things that are limiting the export since are not include for yafray :D.

Here I put some samples for materials ( as yafray they have to be un pack first).

Un Saludo

for old script
Blend2Pov version 0.0.3
Blend2Pov 0.0.3 Linux Version (Conversion to linux by

Old Versions

Blend2Pov v 0.0.5D Windows
Blend2Pov v 0.0.5D Linux thanks to lakcaj
Instalation and User manuals (English y Español)

if only there was a pov-ray exporter that worked on mac…

mmm mac I do not know anything but if you a xml is create and you can run python you can conver it. but again I do not know

Un Saludo

Here is the explication in spanish, english will wait a little :wink: .-

Hola a todos.- pues resutla que el codigo esta lo suficientemente maduro como para postearlo :D.

Basicamente se trata de basarnos en el xml de yafray para pasarlo a pov. La ventaja de esto seria el poder aprovechar lo ya hecho para yafray.

Primero que nada se necesita poner un path para la creacion del xml de yafray.Asi que en el YFexport ahi que poner un pat que enpiece con c:… nada de \ o / .

Despues poner el script en el area de script de blender.

Lo que sige es ejecutar el programa el cual se encuentra en la ventanita de scripts en el submenu de renders ( si no aparece denle un update menu)

Ahora se trata de poner el path de los programas basicos que en mi maquina seria c:\archiv~1\ en ingles seria c:\progra~1\ este es el path en los cual se encuentra yafray y Pov 3.6

Botones dentro del programa:

Salvar info .- si este esta activado va ha grabarse la radiosidad y el calculo de photones para agilizar el render.

Cargarinfo .- Carga la info de Salvar info :expressionless:

Radiosidad .- Para Considerar la radiosidad tipo indicada.

Photones .- esto si se decean custicos

Preview .- Esto es si deceas que te mueste el render o solo quieres generar el archivo exp.ini , exp.pov, expM.pov y expMat.pov

CalcNormal. Esto es para Calcular los normales ya que el xml no trae esta informacion. (si la malla no tiene bups o smoot entonces no se necesita)

Jitter .- es para considerar un smoot Random en area ligths

Limites.- solo he puesto el cloud y el noise con colorbands e imagenes en texturas . . ya incluire mas. Los materiales los concidera por promedio enves de por capas es decir que di pones un material sobre otro este ultimo no encima a los demas sino que hace un promedio de los colores en el … estoes cuestion de gustos. ya lo cambiare para ponerlo de las 2 maneras

mmm eso es todo supongo :smiley:

Hi everybody
The trick of this script is basicaly to take the Yafray XML code and convert it to POV, the benefit of this is to take advantage of the work done for yafray :D.
First you must enter the path for the Yafray XML.To do that, go to the “User Preferences” window then to the ‘File Paths’ section, and now enter “C: mp” into the [YFexport:] button (no \ or /).
Once you get yhe script in the Blenders scripts folder you can load it from the menu (Render submenu) in the scripts window (If it doesn’t apear, click ‘Update menu’).
Now that you get the script running, enter the path for the programs we need (the common folder containing both installations, PovRay 3.6 and Yafray) if you are in an english installation of Windows the path should be “C:\progra~1”
or if your win is in spanish that path should be c:\archiv~1\

The buttons of the program:
SalvaInfo: This allow the record of the Radiosity and Photons data to speeding-up the render time.
CargarInfo: Loads the data of ‘SalvaInfo’
Radiosidad: For radiosity count
Potones: Activate it if you need caustic refractions
Preview: preview-on shows the render, preview-off only generate the exp.ini, exp.pov, expM.pov and expMat.pov (and save them into the c: mp folder).
CalcNormal: this calculate the Face Normals (this info isn’t included in the XML file). If t he mesh have bump or smoot you will need it.
Jitter: A random smoot for area lights

Note: Only Clouds and Noise with ColorBands and Texture images are allowed (by now). Materials are treated inmiddles instead of layers, it mean that if you put two materials the second one doesn’t hide the first one but mediate the two colors (this may change in the future).
You should use little Nor values because of Pov seems to be more sensitive to it :smiley:
Three sort of lamp are used, ‘Lamp’, ‘Spots’ and ‘area’.
For mirror reflecting surfaces is the same for yafray but change the ‘Ref’ value from 0.8 to 0 in the Shader’s panel.

Ah! ofcourse you can push the render button :wink:

Thanks dav_, only one small correction, the ref on 0 will be for perfect mirrors only.

Un Saludo

Hi, I have tested the script but i can’t get any change between blender and the rendering launched from the script. The both engine, pov and Yaf, are installed on my PC in the dir “C:\Graphics\3D\RenderEngine”, and the yaf export dir is on Desktop .
Please help me! Sorry for my bad english

letme begin by explain what the script do. Basicly it will rename the yafray.exe to yafray.ex and then it will try to render , by doing this it will create the xml and it will not render on yafray. then the script will convert the xml to a pov files (Exp.ini,Exp.pov,ExpM.pov, ExpMat.pov) in the same dirextory as your xml. For do all this you must especify very good all paths , I asum that yafray and pov3.6 is in the same path . Tha way I open pov is using a os.system that some times do not work with long names (the problem must be there). So you need to put your yafray configuration for a xml. If the if not then yafray will render insted. Check if the pov files whore created. if they did then check the path of pov and do not use long names on it. I’m Asuming that the pov main directory is ‘POV-Ray for Windows v3.6’ if is in an other place then it will not execute pov. If the pov files whore created then you also can render them with out the program by right click on it and select render and exit.

Onece all paths are in place yo do not do enyting except using the render button insted of F12

This is a screen of my display

Un Saludo

First time I used the script the [XML] button of the Yafray panel was unchecked then yafray launched the render instead of Povray.
Look my first* Pov render
I couln’t put bitmap textures in it, but I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

:smiley: the textures work with uvm and remember to put the colot completly black. but is geting there. (Ahi la llevas David, ya merito)

un Saludo

Omg this awesome!!

I have the POV-Ray NOW!!


Could somebody make a little tutorial with Wink?

I’m in stupid-lazy mode today and there’s too much to read.

para pueba un boton pero no hay que exagerar :smiley:

Hi, thanks, this is my tests very cool your script,

With spot light and radio

With area light and radio
With area light and radio

:smiley: good samples pafurijaz :smiley: far better than madman’s :smiley:

yes, ive tried it. doesnt seem to work for me.

It should work : the Povanim script was used to test the blender python API on Mac . And the current API (228) on win32 and linux too .

when this script is mature enoght it will be very simple to adapted to any platform . . I will see in a couple of weeks

Un Saludo

Playing with materials settings :stuck_out_tongue: