Blend4Web - a 3D web framework for Blender artists

An open source 3D web framework named Blend4Web was released a few days ago.

The platform is intended for creating online visualizations and games and is integrated tightly with Blender (hence the name).

With Blend4Web addon you can easily publish Blender scenes into web. No programming skills are required.

Blender’s node editor for materials is natively supported, read the tutorial.

Check out the demos and download the addon from

you need a browser plugin to use it?

or is the content locked to the blender4web website?

this is a plugin-free technology called WebGL

and it is not locked to any hosting (contrary to or sketchfab)

you just export a Blender scene into a single HTML file - and that’s it!

hm this is interesting

Awesome stuff, just gave it a try… I jumped on a cat!

Is the performance something that is being worked on or is it something I am doing wrong, I was getting 9pfs on the farm demo with a 670gpu:( I also found a cool bug on the farm demo, if you look at your feet while walking you fly upwards :smiley:

Its all really impressive stuff though, I think you will get a lot of the / sketchfab users to switch to this.

in which case this is a dream come true to me!

Should be an official part of blender!

i love you :smiley:


I’m helping , I love you…

Wow, this is pretty cool. I installed the addon, added a world, and exported the standard Blender cube as a html file. And it works.

How simple can it be? :spin:

edit: quick conversion of an old test animation. Groups are not supported, btw. It’s 4mb, so give it some time to download. But it works very well.


A 670 geforce gpu should give 40-50fps. What is your OS and how many RAM do you have?
That’s the feature rather than the bug :smiley: Seems that you pressed the “C” key and turned on the “undocumented” fly mode :yes:

Skeletal animation with vertex groups is fully supported. I could have a look into the source blend-file if you wish.

Wow, this is so good, it can’t be true. It works right out of the box! It’s amazing how much talent is there in Russia right now.

omg i love you too

you are a hero!! Please get in touch with Ton. This needs to get in trunk somehow. :smiley:

This can potentially change things for blender’s game engine too. Now that it can make more accessible and easy to distribute games. Multiplatform games that run on anything!

It’s also great because people can make their own model viewer apps and no longer need to rely external services!

Is it working with the BGE (logic bricks and python)?

Blend4Web isn’t working with the BGE’s logic bricks and python (yet?). The main reason is that we tried to mimic Blender internal as much as possible - not the game engine. It might be an interesting idea to port the BGE into the web though :slight_smile:

This is a really awesome idea, any intention to integrate the extremely popular three.js engine too ? Would greatly simplify the webgl interaction.

Ok :slight_smile:
Is it than a way to do interactive stuff?

I have another question: if I publish a scene with Blend4Web, is it possible for the viewers to take the mesh?

I was going to use Sketchfab but I will probably try that before! :slight_smile:

Use the free Blend4Web SDK for developing interactive apps (JavaScript programming skills are required).
The second question is a bit confusing to me - could you please explain? :o

Then your question is for the Three.js developers :smiley: