Blend4Web - a 3D web framework for Blender artists

Yes, I’d like to make a gallery of my modeling works. I made some of them for clients who don’t want I publish them. So, will be the mesh “downloadable” ?

thanks , great work anyway :slight_smile:

Well everything you publish in the web is “downloadable” somehow. You may embed a 3D scene’s HTML file using iframe. It’s quite easy to download it.

Another way is to use the Blend4Web SDK which uses a different format for the scenes and loads external textures instead of embedding them into one file. It is more difficult to download 3D scenes published using such option.

Really cool idea. How does animation work? For the life of me I can’t figure out how to make anything move.

logic brick please!!! :slight_smile:
this can be a big hit for Blender I think (without logic bricks too)

Select the animated object, go into the object properties, Check default animation and cyclic for looping. For most properties you can find blend4web entries at the bottom of the property pane.

Sorry, I made myself not very clear - I meant meshes parented to other meshes. - the exported stops with an error message that it does not support parented meshes. I had to un-parent all meshes in the scene to get it to export.

Select the animated object, go into the object properties, Check default animation and cyclic for looping. For most properties you can find blend4web entries at the bottom of the property pane.

That works! However, it only appears to support my location animation, and ignores rotation keyframes. Animating the camera is still problematic.

It seems as though this addon has a long way to go in terms of integration with Blender. It would make more sense if Blend4Web were accessed as a separate engine in the top menu among Cycles, BI, and the Game Engine. Anything not supported by Blend4Web would be removed or changed.

Right now Blend4Web sticks itself after everything in the properties window, leaving the user to guess which things are supported and which are not. Lamps, for instance, now have a checkbox for whether or not to generate shadows. So apparently the “Shadow” settings already in BI are effectively null. However, Blend4Web does use the “Energy” value of the lamp. So what other properties of the lamp are used? Which are ignored? Which are supported, but somewhere else? There is no way to know without trial and error.

For animation and other stuff please see the Blend4Web manual :slight_smile:

Parenting mesh objects is supported. For more info check the Blend4Web manual

Well that’s all true. A lot of work for us :smiley:
BTW rotation is supported only in the quaternion mode.

An idea: donation campaign? For example the logic bricks.
I think will publish this in the news.

Yes definitely worthy of news. You guys did a lot of work and it really looks impressive. I drove the tractor into the stream and was quite impressed… very good job. You’ve obviously put a lot of work into it, having foxes and animals running around blew my mind too as obviously that took a lot of background work as well.

that is a shame. Quaternion is a pain in the ass when it comes to editing splines. No maya animation user would ever like it imo. It has obvious disadvantages, while the gimbal lock problem of euler can be easily solved with a better rig and planning.

As for locking your file - I guess the real question is- can the html5 file be decompiled and the objects be extracted.
Is there any way to encrypt it?

I dont mind if people download my html5 model viewer. I like them to do so.
I dont like the idea of having them easily extract the meshes and use them for wahtever without my approval .

This exporter, for what it is now is for sure a milestone in blender’s history. It puts blender ahead of autodesk for once.
If we had a better visual programming game engine inside blender (bge is still a pain imo- especially to all the modern alternatives out there!) and this exporter supported it- this would be absolutely huge for indie developers. Even with BGE it would be huge for them.

Can you imagine. An html5 3d engine, that is open source and it has visual programming that can be extended with python!
Does such a thing exist atm? I dont think so.

Well, Maybe Unreal with kismet.:smiley: to some degree

UFOa, when I enable the add-on I get a serious pause. My whole computer hangs for literally 4-5 minutes while the drive grinds away.

happens with quick install and also removed it and tried the developers install.

I thought maybe my other addons were conflicting so I set everything back to factory defaults and tried again… same thing, also with the developers install my export to HTML option is greyed out.

have you seen this before?

A free alternative from Three.js that export directly from Blender is Amazing! But $990,00 for a commercial use of this Render Engine is too expensive. I think it’s a good start, But for justify this cost i think you need at least a more easy way to make that interactive such as support for Logic Bricks or a way to write JavaScript code assigned per object/ per world in Blender. You assign a javascript to a Object in Blender, and it works in HTML… Take a look at Goo Engine, it’s more easy to make a Blender Export Scene to it than use Blender4Web to write a full WebGL game and it’s free for commercial use. Anyway it’s a good start, just need a bit more.

Supporting animation for Euler angles is not a big problem - just a matter of priority.

Everything you put in the web can be downloaded - that’s how browsers work. A clever man could write an importer and convert a web scene back into Blender. But this is also true for images, videos, music etc - and we live with it somehow :smiley:

That’s really strange. What is your software/hardware specs?
I’ll have a look.

The HTML export option is disabled by default for the SDK because it is intended for developers.
If you are a developer and wish to export HTML you can enable it. To enable this option specify the engine’s files path in the “Path to b4w source”. Normally it is “external/deploy/apps/embed”.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll focus on usability in the next releases.

As for logic bricks or JavaScript code in a Blender scene - well that’s an interesting idea. We see a strong desire for this feature from Blender community. It’s just the beginning. Stay tuned :wink:

I would seriously consider this for my project, if it had support for logic bricks. But a great start indeed!