Blend4Web Addon in 2.8x

I’ve been trying to get the Blend4Web addon to work in any 2.8 version, and I can’t seem to get it to. When I install it, Blender throws an error about missing scripts, it looks like, and the Blend4Web entry in the addon list says 'update to 2.8 required. Except I’m already using 2.8.

Has anyone gotten Blend4Web to work in 2.8? I’ve tried downloading and installing it for 2.79, and that doesn’t seem to work either, last time I tried.

Are there any other normal editing tools out there (preferably free) that would be a decent alternative, and might actually work?

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as a former B4W developer I’m not sure if they a going to release Blender 2.80 support at all. As I understand correctly, they switched their efforts to create a completely new tool - Blend4Web Studio.

For now I’d recommend using Verge3D. It has more advanced Blender integration, supports EEVEE materials out of the box and of course works with Blender 2.79/2.80/2.81. However, my opinion is a bit biased since I work for the company which develops this new toolkit ))


Is there a price point that suits hobbyists?

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As a hobbyist, you can use the full-featured Verge3D trial version and purchase a license when you start doing real commercial projects.

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