[Blend4Web] Here is a way to publish blender games on android

Sorry my tutorials are not that in depth but this is not a bad way to do android in blender.

part 1: [video]https://youtu.be/DMsdzF_JFpQ[/video]

part 2: [video]https://youtu.be/4MP-AJOBpMs[/video]

I only had time to skim the videos so apologies if you answered this already, is it possible to run blend4web directly on a web browser on the phone? It seems like a lot of hassle to have the launcher as a middleman. Is that to avoid some other issue?

yes it is, blend4web uses WebGL which is built in to all phones so you just need an app that opens a web browser to get an android game

I also haven’t looked the videos at in the full length (I will do it later) and I don’t have read more about the addon, but on the first look it looks more like it is a own engine and not the bge (?) (Sorry if I’m wrong). That wouldn’t be a bad thing but it would be good to know before people think it is the blender game engine because you also have written it in the title. :wink:

well partly it is its own engine but it is a game engine in blender so I am telling the truth

Technically no you aren’t. For example GameKit is also a Game Engine in Blender (that works on Android too) but it still is not the BGE. Same with Armory whenever lubos releases it.

there some people that just comment to be unhelpful, android in blender is a long wanted thing so I am only trying to help, on my video I do not say bge just blender and I cannot change the name of this post so there.

The purpose of my comment was to avoid confusion, otherwise someone could think that you can port BGE games to android.

you can, 2.63 right?

Yep, but it’s not an official way to do it, it’s buggy and outdated so it doesn’t really count.

you cannot get the blend4web sdk and addon for blender 2.63 try using a newer version of blender or getting the oldest of the sdk’s for blender 2.72 but yes it should work for blender 2.63, tell me if it dose not work.

I am talking about the android blender player…
it works only with blender 2.63…

O ya that, I have tried to use that in the past but have not had very good luck, so for it makes a better render engine than game player

I changed the name of your thread because it was misleading. Blend4Web is not BGE.

Also, since I’ve been looking into this lately, it looks like it is possible to make Blend4Web standalone apps for Linux/Mac/Windows using NW.js. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks really promising. More info on NW.js here: http://nwjs.io/

Also, you can publish Blend4Web to iOS using Webkit. I haven’t tried it yet, but this is probably a good place to start:

thanks @blendenzo