blend4web loading

can anyone with experience using blend4web help me figure out why the player is stuck at 39% loaded? My blend file exports just fine into the .html format, but does not properly load up in whatever web browser (explorer, firefox, and chrome). My screen just looks like this:

any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

I had this problem too, the solution was a simple shader revision, if your scene have shaders configured for cycles instead of the bge as example, this bug will happen and your scene will not load in blend4web.

Cool, thanks - but how do I change all of my shaders from Cycles render to the blender Game engine?

You need to remake the shaders in blend4web render mode (in the top bar switch), this way it will show you only the supported options for shading, than replace the cycles shaders for the new ones.

Gotcha, thanks.