BlendCrypt - External BGE File Encryption

Hey. So, I made a simple Blender Game Engine encryption method that hopefully will help keep people from opening external blend files, even those that are renamed, to make specified game engine files turn into this:

when attempted to be opened by Blender.

The encryption method is exceptionally simple, and won’t stop more stalwart people, but it’s still an extra simple step that will turn external blend files unreadable by Blender on command.

Read about it and download the script here.

The download link is broken for me. But from reading this, it seams like a good idea. I don’t understand one thing,
How do you protect the script that encrypt and decrypts?

The download link is fine for me now. You can’t really protect the script outside of maybe packing it in with the BlenderPlayer - though, you wouldn’t really have as much of a problem possibly releasing the source code of the script (since you can get it here).

How can I implement this into my game?

Does this still work for the recent Blender releases?