Blende command window just loading

Hey. A few days ago I ran into a problem with Blender. When I open Blender the command window just stays there for several minutes and then blender opens, the problem is that blender just freezes when I try to open a file, import objects or save files.
Note that blender was working perfectly up until a few days ago. I have updated my graphics driver and I even did a fresh install of blender on a new hard drive. Still, it’s not working.
Any tips?

I would try running Blender with the --factory-startup command line argument. This will skip the startup.blend file in your home directory. If Blender loads normally, there is something wrong with your startup.blend file and you should re-save your startup file with Ctrl + U or by going to File - Save Startup File.

As far as installing on a new hard drive, I believe Blender will still use the startup.blend file in your user configuration directory (that is different depending on your operating system). Have you tried downloading the .Zip version, extracting that and running Blender from there?

I completly wiped my PC including blender. So I think it’s more a poroblem with the pc itself.