Blended Cities 0.445 for 2.49b cities 0.445

this update solves a lot of issues about dead-ends and enclosed blocks at city streets creation time :

more to come :eyebrowlift:

contributors welcome ! documentations, translations, objects, material collections, pythonists, testers, concept, ideas, blender 2.5, unix-like debug, coffee discounters… please help ! thanks to all of the great people that help the script to grow until now : roubal, aothms, shaba1, meta-androcto, Paulo Magalhães, Dale Best, Angelo, Zsolt, Madoragon, jrs100000…

building call !

Hi littleneo, I want to contribute a lot to this script and can spare 10 hours or so a week until April. Is there any chance that you can talk to me on msn or anything like that?

My dissertation for my final year of university is automatic generation of a 3d model of a city for use in games and movies. And what roadmap do you have for the future?

Premade meshes = yea baby! This works for buildings too, right?


When I created the small part of a city where took place my “Police Chase” animation, I created some buildings by putting in stacks various models of “slices”.

The slices were made with different shapes on each side, or at least on two opposite angles, allowing to give a different look according to the point of view.

This method allows to build easily buildings of various height and looking different.

Maybe it could be usable with a script ?


Thank god… Ive been quietly waiting for a city gen like this. the possibility to just model something like a door or window or water tower, and have the script use it, is the most sensible way. Im glad someone saw that. Im hoping you just drop them all in a folder and have it use them.

Im not a developer but Im more than happy to erh…test it. PM`d

I agree. A common chat room or service would be nice. Perhaps a IRC room. I go to #blender and #blenderchat there every day. I use Yahoo Messenger but I can use MSN too. My best help would be putting the documentation into everyday english. Its already pretty good now but could use some minor edits.

Looks very inspiring – good luck with the project folks!

Those are some really nicely modeled buildings. This looks like a really cool project.

Most cities are (usually) laid out in districts (industrial, residential, downtown commercial -downtown usually also has lots of tall office buildings as well and parking garages). It would be really nice if the script could sort building models out along those lines and allow the user to layout the different districts areas.
(If you’ve ever played the Sim City games you’ll probably get a lot more great ideas too)

lol but thats actually what I want to add to the script…

hi, this is looking great!
I would like to set up an irc channel #blendedcities
I’ll look into registering it. :wink:

Here’s an interesting test render using lux environment, car by cretex.

Thanks littleneo, the new script looks great.

haha. That’d be awesome!

I was also thinking that most major cities (at least the memorable ones) are sort of defined by a couple major buildings in their skyline -usually the tallest ones:
Paris =The Eiffel Tower
New York =Empire State Building
Hong Kong =Bank of China? (I’m not sure if thats the building or not)
It’d be really cool if the script could allow for inputting like a single “characterized” building and let you sort of have control over the skyline.

Most cities are along the ocean or a seafront too so a Port/harbor district would definitely be something to include.

I’d be careful about putting too many detailed models like street lights and signs and cars and whatever else into the entire city… even a pan over shot from the sky wouldn’t reveal every object on every street and it would take up a ton of memory very quickly to have all that detail so possibly some method of controlling which parts of the city get more detailed objects would be helpful as well.

Is it possible to add extra properties to objects? For instance the distance that an object must be from the camera so that it draws it… so traffic lights are only drawn in a range of 20m away from the camera…

thanks for your replies ! I’ll quickly add some documentation about the main concept and the directions.

I agree. A common chat room or service would be nice. Perhaps a IRC room.

shaba1 you’ll be happy, I registered on freenode as littleneo :slight_smile:

I just noticed that I pulled down 0420t is there a link to 043 yet?

hi, we created irc freenode #blendedcities channel now.
if you wish to help testing builds or chat.
everyone is welcome.

I just noticed that I pulled down 0420t is there a link to 043 yet?

mmm it’s an annoucement :slight_smile: I’d like to finish something about street props before to release (this week)
but I can send you the current thing if you wish

errr… I cant find it at all on freenode :s

Edit scrap that, does anyone use a different nickname than here?

littleneo, a quick question: could we use the script with the 2.50 Builds of Blender from or only with Blender 2.49?

the channel is there, you should be able to join.
if not contact me on #blenderwiki & I’ll get you in.
I use the same nick.

it runs on 2.48a/2.49b, the 2.5 api is completely different and will permit a lot of new things about python integration and features I guess, so it will need a big rewrite, extended concept. wait and see :slight_smile: