Blended cities - Call for building models & Alpha Release of script!

Ok, will change. I have just started adding you second lot of buildings…

The license for the models I built for the Crosswalk is Creative Commons BY(attribution) 2.0 France. (Both personnal and commercial use allowed).

Keep it on !

I hope that I will be back soon.

Alpha Build Release:

At the top of this survey you will find links to the script and a video tutorial. After trying it out, please spend a few minutes filling out the survey. It would really help me out with my dissertation :smiley:

Are there any jpgs of the buildings submitted/implemented- I would love to see them just out of interest.

If you look at the previous page, the pictures are of jrs100000’s first archive

I can upload some pictures of the other buildings later.

Are you still looking for buildings? I’ve got a condo and a futuristic office building I can contribute…

Any will be useful as long as its available under an attribution licence, I dont think its a good idea to mix non commercial licences with a tool that anyone wants to use.

Um, I’d basically be releasing the buildings to everyone to do what they wish with them. Sadly, they are not where I thought they were, hence I must begin searching through my archive cd’s. Should I just find a place to upload the .Blend file and put a link on this thread?


I’m new to blender and I’d like to help out. I can’t offer programming or modeling expertise, but if you need some space/bandwidth, I can donate some.

Is your zoning mod getting integrated into Blended Cities or is it staying separate? The offer goes for the Blended Cities main trunk as well, if it is separate. Shoot me a PM.


its combined with the existing script

Mandoragon forwarded me the buildings (and this nice condo from jrs100000…) you sent him, and we used them to test the new zoning creation process.

MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU :slight_smile:

… if you want to share your mods or your parametric building code please do for sure !

a complete documentation will be published soon, about how to create a working building library in blended cities.

the new version with zoning implemented is released (+ a lot more complete online documentation)

the new buildings are not included in this package, it only includes a default library (procedural) :
the libraries of the contributors should be packed apart and hosted on the contributor site or mine if you wish, because I’d like blended cities users realize that this project can’t exist without community contributions, and that, for this reason, the script is flexible and open.

I’ll update the library section of my site as soon as possible with the new buildings.

It has been a while since I last worked on this, I have finished my degree and will be graduating next week. For this project I got 82% with it being in the top 5 projects of the year. If anyone is interested in reading it, I will upload it a bit later.

I will start in the next few days adding more of the building libraries. Littleneo has added more functionality with the importing of open street maps:

Has anyone got any more ideas for features and functionality for the city zoning addition that can be added?

@ mandoragon
Congratulations on your graduation.
Thank you for your time and hard work on this project, it has really become quite awesome! :RocknRoll:

P. Monk

These two sites have eight building downloads! Not mine.

This is really a must have script, thank you for the effort Mandoragon, would like to know if it works on 2.5 alpha.
I would like to thank all the artists who contributed buildings as well.