Blended Earth...still at it...(BIG update)

How did you get the Blue Marble maps to work? When I try and use them, Blender crashes… I thought it was because the texture maps were too large. Maybe UV mapping is the problem.

why use UV mapping?

just apply the exture and map as a sphere.

(Add material, add texture, in materials window where it says plane, select sphere).

voila, mapped as sphere.

then add another sphere just Slightly above that for the clouds, and alpha channel them. then a third Slightly above those for the atmosphere.

and on a note, blender crashes if I use maps over 8152x4076, they work great with these though.

and don’t forget to color correct the land texture!

Check your mail A2597 :wink:

Because then you can see the texture in real-time

well, the earth object clocks in at 115,000 polys, then there are the four textures, each at 8152x4076…

somehow I don’t think this model would work very well for realtime…

and JimLad, cool!

makes me even more anxious to get this atmosphere working right

You mean my .blend file? If so glad it helped ya, and is there any way to upload it, I want to look at it for myself :smiley:

Sure thing, I’ve put it up on my server.
its located here:

I’m still trying to get the planetary glow properly sized…far away it wouldn’t be noticable, but close up there is SOME. :slight_smile:

it looks quite nice, however there are a few things:

  • bump seems exagerated, everything is too tall.
  • atmosphere.

Other than that, good work. Here is another great site for planet textures complete with color/bump/spec/cloud layers (color&transparency): (1K versions free, $5 if you want the 10K version)