blended people from india??

(kos) #1

like adam i also would like to know if there is any blender user from i all alone? :frowning: :frowning: .if there is pleazzz you people reply me here or at [email protected].

(IngieBee) #2

You’re only a little far away, but never alone. We are all here with you, just maybe not in India :wink:

(iluvblender) #3

hey Hi Kos and all,

I am Satish from India and have been blending from the last two years.
Right now i am In Hoboken, NJ pursuing my Masters in Comp Science. I always wondered how many Indians Blended, but now I think i found out. (i mean to say, i am looking forward to see many more indians in the land of blender)


:slight_smile: Satish

(kos) #4

now you have found one…haven’t you :stuck_out_tongue: ?but i think there are very very few indians who use blender:( .most of the people in india who do 3d believe only and only in 3ds max…i don’t know why!i am also a B-Tech student of computer sc. i am doing blender for almost 9 months :wink: .i would like to know more about you all.mail me or write in these forums…ok?

(iluvblender) #5

Hi Kos. (Hey I want to know Your name buddy. Mine is Satish Goda :smiley: )

Yes i too feel the same. I have tried my best to spread the Blender Fever in Hyderabad( in Andhra Pradesh). I dont know much about the softwares they use in India for making 3D stuff, but I think Maya and 3DS Max are popular. But People in India have missed so much since they dont know Blender. I came to know of Blender by my serendipity and since then i am blended for life.
You can visit my homepage to know more about me.

See You around buddy.

:slight_smile: Satish

(iluvblender) #6

Hey Kos,

I would like to see your blender work buddy.

(iluvblender) #7

oops, i forgot to give my homepage link



:slight_smile: satish

(kos) #8

i’m goin’ to see your homepage very soon :smiley: . i’m also making my homeage in is not quite done yet.when it is finished i will definitely post my creations there :wink: .see ya.

(iluvblender) #9

I am looking forward to your webpage buddy.

c ya around.

(kos) #10

as you asked yesterday my name…my name is kaushik…kaushik pal.i’m from west-bengal.which state of india do you belong?were you born in US or went there to study?have you ever been to india?write all these in details :smiley: .looking forward to see you here…bye.

(iluvblender) #11

Hi Kaushik.

I am from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh (South India). I am born and brought up in India. I came to the United States just recently (Jan 2002) for doing my MS at Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ. I am in my first semester right now. My undrgraduation was in Mechatronics (Mech. Engg.)
so i am taking couple of prerequisite courses in my first semester now.
My major interest is computer graphics and i hope to settle in this field.

 Looking forward to know more about You buddy.

:slight_smile: Satish[/b]

(kos) #12

hi…i’m glad to hear that you were born and brought up here! :wink: …by the way how did you come to know about blender?i supposed a lot of people from india will be using blender as it was distributed with the most popular computer magazine in india(called “digit”).but to my utter surprise nobody that i know who use blender,neither in this community nor anywhere else. :x .i just don’t know why!!in my opinion as far as the other major-league 3d packages are concerned you can respect them…admire them…but you can not love them like blender.i don’t know what makes blender so lovable?..may be the blender-cult…or who knows.bye.

(iluvblender) #13

Hi Kaushik.

I think we are gonna be friends forever  like Blender, which, I am sure, will be our true best friend forever. Really, Blender is a revolution in the world of 3D graphics and I have been fortunate enough to have been its disciple from the time I took interest in 3D graphics. It first started with VRML, then Blender. 
                                I still remember the first time i saw Blender. I spent many sleepless nights trying to understand the interface of Blender. Then for couple of months i lost it in the wilderness of my harddisk, until one day, during my fourth year in B. Tech. I started taking it seriously and in 4-5 months felt confident of modelling in Blender, thanks to the tutorials on the net. Whatever I know in Blender is due to the community that Blender has and how the BlenderDudes spread the magic of Blender witht their immaculate creations and inspiring renderings.
                           As far as my getting in touch with Blender, my Serendipity has got me to it. I still wonder "Did i directly go the blender website" or "is it that has referred Blender"?, but, who cares, Ton and NaN created Blender and it reached most of the people who adventure in the world of 3d graphics.

:slight_smile: Satish

(kos) #14

hi…yes i also think that blender is a very efficient software.but you know there are still certain fitures are missing to call blender a high-end 3d package.first of all the raytracer…NaN could easily added it in blender’s arsenal.secondly the lack of physics in animation.was it too hard to add dynamics in the animation side of blender when you already had it in the real-time engine! :-? .why oh why.then again the softbody-dynamics really can’t afford to work without it as far as character animation is at the end of the day we see that blender certainly is a great tool for 3d with some great features but surprisingly without some really essential things that are hard to be imagined to work without.what do you think?keep sending messages…love K :wink:

(iluvblender) #15

Hi Kaushik.

     Yeah, If NaN wanted they could have made Blender an Immaculate 3D Software. Even with all the stuff, they would have kept teh software under 20 mb or so (in the worst case).

I have one doubt buddy. What is “Non Linear Animation” in Blender.
Can i do this in Blender Creator (2.23)?

c ya around.


(kos) #16

i knew that thing by defination…but as i didn’t use it anytime i forgot its existance.i think there is a good tutorial about this.rightnow i can not remember the URL but i will definitely send it to you tommorow if i do not die before that :wink: .when are you coming to india?i wanna meet you :smiley: .bye…see ya tommorow.(or know that i’m dead)

(iluvblender) #17

Hi Kaushik,

well, I will be comin to India in December i guess. We will surely meet then.
What else buddy, I saw some of your posts yesterday and I guess u made a model of a f-22. is it done yet?

Eagerly waiting to it.

c ya


(kos) #18

yeh buddy it is completely done…but i am having problems to upload it to the net…coz of its huge has 1 minute animation which is of 16 mb size after divx-ing.i think i can post some pictures of it on my site.when it is done i’ll inform you…and yes about the NLA thing…i think i shaw the tutorial on can check it out.there was another site…i will tell you about this later. BYE K

(kos) #19

hey see one of the F-22 images…the URL…BYE

(iluvblender) #20

Hey Kaushik,

I say the F-22 is breathtaking. Beautifully Done. I like your texturing skills. I am awful at it. Well maybe i will learn some from You ;) .

Looking forward to see more of your work.

:slight_smile: Satish