Blended Photo Album

I’m trying to get to the finishing touches on a project I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s an online photo album that uses a photo album made in Blender to help make it a little more appealing than just clicking through photos.

I’ve been using Blender on and off for a couple of years now, between other projects, I don’t get to do much 3d. I’m not the greatest modeler, but I think the mesh came out pretty good for the delivery method that will be used.

I’d like if I can to get any constructive critisicm of both the animation and any ideas about the actual photo album and how it works. I know I need a little help with the metal material/texture, it’s a little dull looking. As far as the web app, I’d like to know if how I’m transitioning between photos is effective. I’m looking at quite a few different effects now, but I’m trying to decide the way to go with it.

Thanks a ton.

Note: It’s about 3 megs so it might take a little time if you have 56k, but I have added a loader so you’ll know when it’s done.

A sample pic.

Hi, for the metal material,…first off, select the middle piece, and press ‘set smooth’ button in edit buttons. then go to material buttons, and activate ‘ray mirror’ ( and turn it up about halfway ) . in render buttons, be sure to press ‘ray’. If the reflection doesn’t look interesting enough, just add some objects outside of the camera view, for it to reflect. it’s a cool idea. good luck with it.
<edit> also, click ‘OSA’ in render buttons.

Good detail and texture choice for the cover. Of course I do think it’s a little long to load for such a small animation.


File size should come down considerably by the time I’m done. Right now they are all jpegs at 100%. I’m going to look at a few different options between jpeg quality and possibly gifs (if I can get the right look).

Modron, Thanks for the metal tips. It was evading me and it just looks kinda plasticky right now.

Hopefully I’ll have a finished product up soon. Thankfully I’ve got quite a bit of freelance going on right now so I’ve been pretty busy, but in the end the pics will all have a division below them that will describe the pic and contain a link to see a bigger version of the picture.

My main boggle is how to transition the pictures. Right now they just pop on and off, but I’d like to do a little better. I’ve been working on a wipe effect that would wipe one picture away as the new one below it is wiped on. I’d really like to get the pics to turn with the pages, but I just don’t see how to do it in javascript. I could do it with php, but I’m no where near that good with php yet.

Have a great one.