Blended Reality: Char Game model contest, 23 people, started

Since the last contest organised also by me called: Christmas Blender Game Contest. I was thinking about organising a Blender Game Character contest.
The contest will take 1 week to make a complete full rigged textured game character. If there’s enought interest in it, I can start it monday, and finish it Sunday.

What exactly do I have to do?

  • Model a low-poly character for a game in Blender3D.
  • Rig and texture it, so it’s totally finished for in game use.
  • Post a nice composing render with some nice things around to make a sort of presentation like you would sell that character for a game.
  • Stay tuned for voting, and maybe you’ll win.

Ruless. (yes this one has got rules too :D)

  • Don’t use earlier created models, just make one from scratch.
  • Model, texture and rig it with Blender3D, textures can be done outside blender.
  • Make it real low-poly, not like 3000 tri’s, just make it fitable for a blender game, as low-poly as you can model.
  • It has to be a character, doesn’t matter if it’s an alien, human, or something else. But no still chairs, houses or else that isn’t useable as main character. Well unless it’s a walking evil chair. :wink:

Totally textured and rigger for in game use? You want to use my model?

  • No, it’s just a contest, so no model will be used by someone else unless the creator wants to put it into a project.

For so far, there’s no prize for it, just for fun. I always enjoy making game models, rig and texture them. The chanllenge is, make it really low-poly but good enought to see it’s a model or whatever.

How to join?

  • Post: Yeah baby I’m in, let’s kick some aars (euh well post anything you want to say you’r in 8) )

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z3r0 d

ooh, ooh, me, me, I’m in, I love making characters for game engine.

… hmmm gets out thinking cap.

Fantastic!!! :slight_smile:
I’m working on something!!! :slight_smile:

1 week!?

I can’t really compete in that time… [well…]

oh, completely textured in blender? uvmapping in blender I can understand [tuhopuu LCSM tools! yeah! wings3d like mesh unfolding], but for texturing the character in blender I think you would kind of have to be a masochist

then you would end up vertex painting on a subdivided mesh which you use the uvpainting script [which can export the vertex colors of the mesh] to make your texture… then pretty much all you would do in your image app is line that image up with your uv mapping [kind of annoying it isn’t…], and possibly blurring a copy of it increacing the opacity, and putting that layer below the current one so that you can’t see the solid color outside of the uv map edges…
[either way a pain, and I think that for the most part texturing shouldn’t be limited to blender but people should mention what app(s) they use]

Yeah baby I’m in, let’s kick some aars (euh well post anything you want to say you’r in icon_cool.gif )

Great to see that some people want to join, well about a week, if you need more, we can talk about to make it longer.
Sutabi: well, euh, you have to make one from scratch if you want to join. :smiley: But I think it wouldn’t be that hard for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Texture == UV mapping or painting texture in blender? (extend to gimp?) how would ya know?

so, umm, can you specify a number for triangle limit

at the moment each half of what I am doing [I’ll post a pic when I think you can easily tell what I have planned] is 549 triangles

and I am missing several important details… like arms

so, to repeat I am at 1100 triangles, and I expect to probably reach 2000 at least

_____________ edit, I am at 1900 triangles, still doesn’t really have arms _____________

sure, there are several places I could reduce polygon count [some], but I still have a lot to add

like, again, arms

It’s not for me, 'cause I can’t model.


if you have any doubt ill just model a new thing um…

Also about can’t model… pff! It never hurts to try!!!

I’m in, but I don’t know why 3000 tri is too much. What kind of computer do you have anyway? If you use pre-rendered backgrounds you’re able to use well over that much if you feel like it. All of my game models are 1500-2000 tri.

It’s easy for me because I’m constantly modelling game characters anyway for a couple of projects. I’ll just pick up a new one. :slight_smile:

JD-multi, this has got to be the coolest contest yet (well I’m a newbie here so i don’t know what came before)
There should be a GameEngine related contest every week
(hopefully something that’s along the lines of modeling or animation,for i
don’t know Python) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I made a list a members we have so far that want to join. I was thinking to join too, not just to win, but to have some fun with it.

<-- members -->
z3r0 d

About the triangles limit of a character. Most of the character done in blender for a game are around 500 quads, and I think that’s a nice limit for the character model contest. Well basicly you can go over it or even use lower, but at the end there will be voted for the best textures, rigged and lowest-poly model of the contest. So ofcourse you an use 3000 tri’s but if someone has got 1000 or less, he makes more chance to win.
For the people who ahte to model a char in tri’s, just model in quads and use the shortkey to convert to tris (euh, what was it? I think I forgot it :-? )

Also texture painting in blender is allowed and gimp too ofcourse :D. Well I said make it totally in blender, except the textures :wink:
I think I answhered all the question, so I hope more people will join. Personally I love low-poly character modeling. 8)

did i forget to say i’m in ------whoops! @#$%^&*! :<

You’re added now :smiley: I also did a simple update on the rules and so on.

My character making stinks but what the heck! I’ll give it a try. :smiley:

How do you think we learn to modell(Bu trying and trying :wink: )

Saying that the lowest poly model would be one of the best ones would be like saying the person with the slowest computer would be the best modeller. If the model is made super inefficiently and the extra tris aren’t merited, it’s understandable, but if you want any kind of good detail and smooth looking models you’re going to need at least 2000 tri, or you’re going to have to paint it all in which IMO doesn’t look that well unless you have normal mapping.

Have you ever played the MI game Blengine made? Guybrush had 1,998 triangles and the game plays fast and looks great. I’ve had very similar experiences with the test games I’ve been making, even in totally 3d environments.

"Model, texture and rig it with Blender3D, textures can be done outside blender. "

Ouch, that leaves me out…

I’d model in Wings and rig in Blender…

anyway, lately I don’t use to like to go under 1500-2000 tris…