Blended Reality: IE doesn't show page, another browser do

Some days ago I was thinking to put some pages of the website online. A website which I was working on for some weeks, redesigning, and each time creating another website that fits the colors and theme.

Finally I got one, I uploaded it to but I’ve got a huge problem.

I coded the page totally in html but it seams only Firefox can display the website. Internet Explorer doesn’t even show a colors or single text. Is this my fault or just a IE error?

I hope someone can help me with this, I know it’s offtopic but I couldn’t fix it.

I studied it for 1 min and I found out :stuck_out_tongue: </title> tag is missing, which causes big error: browser doesn’t know what is title and what not.

I’d have to agree with that

the w3c validator complains the first meta tag can’t go there [and then pretty much everything following it]… which makes sense, tags can’t go in the title tag which never gets closed

:frowning: That was the dumbest fault I ever made in html. First when I posted the topic I saw I didn’t added </html>, and the second that was posted here, I dind’t close the title tag with </title> I made a huge amount of wesbites, but this never happened before. Well thanks for the people who helped me out. Btw, any changes I could add to the html code? Because WC3 gives a lot of error when validating the html file. Some times I see tags in red that are just ok, but wc3 says it doesn’t exist, by why does it work then? :smiley:

Btw I use Notepad (plane text editor) to build websites. 8)

well, clearly you have made some other mistakes

do yourself a favor and get a syntax highlighting text editor and use the w3c validator

<link> tags don’t need closing tags [except in xhtml where they would be written as <link /> tags, where the “/>” indicates that it closes itself]

?? link tags? what are they for?

link tags can show a fundamental page structure, but more likey, a css page link. <link rel="…" type=“text/css” href="…" />
and the site looks good, the code is long, and it really should be xhtml, but at least you used css.

I was thinking a long time to make it xhtml, but I don’t know if it takes more time to make it xhtml then valide html with the errors in it now. xhtml seams to be the future use of websites like php and xml. I know if you want to make it xhtml, you need to close which you opened. :-?

closing all tags isn’t usually a problem with html

while I can understand no closing
tag, - [list item, for bulleted and numbered lists] tags don’t require a closing tag, but do allow it

however, I’d imagine with xhtml the closing tag would be required, I don’t think <li /> [as you would do for
tags] would cut it.

[then again, I havent’ tried nor played with xhtml. My latest completed project was html 4.0 transitional, and can be seen on . The duplicate title tag or the occasional image without alt text was however probably not my doing. I am no longer officially in control of that site either. oh, and look at the source code for that site, particularly the left navigation bar. it is an unordered list [nested unorded list for the menus], css takes care of the positioning and all that good stuff [so, it probably doesn’t work in IE:Win 5.0 or earlier, and definitely not in NS:4 or earlier] ]