Now Open, a new site being offered to the Blender community, is now open.

Last year, after getting up to speed on creating 360º HDR Panoramas, we began to get pretty excited about using what we had created in the new (at that time)Blender Tracker. It didn’t take long to realize that there wasn’t much around the Web where a 3D user could go to get a full set of imagery taken at a single location. And certainly nothing geared towards Blender users.

Since March, we’ve been working on a new site, BlendedSkies, that provides matched sets of panoramas, tracked footage, and backplates. Each set is grouped based upon the original location, much like you would find being done in large production houses.

We’re glad to have the website up and running, and in at a state where users will be able to purchase our media at very competitive prices. Certainly there is more to do- but for the moment, we’re pretty thrilled to make this available exclusively to the Blender community. Enjoy!


  • The Blended Skies Team

P.S.- as an opening day promotion, we’re offering lifetime memberships to the first five users spending $10 or more. (While the “official” opening was Monday, we have not done any advertising until today. No lifetime memberships have been awarded as of yet.)

Very cool idea, and some nice, reasonable prices. Can’t wait to have a better look as I only have time to glance at it right now.

Yes, please! Take some time. Most of the tracked footage is still to come. At least the panos can…‘carry’ the site until we get the tracked stuff up.

Have some great industrial scenes in the pipeline, some ideas for competitions, and a few other things planned for the very near future.

Sorry, it doesn’t look like a good business plan. You loosed all your credits in a one day. To introduce site with three categories and only one file in each . . . It’ s hard to imagine someone come back to check what’s new there.

I think most of the blender community is looking for free stuff. So if there are some customers that want to spent some money (to speed up their workflow) they are looking for site full of stuff on a one place to quckly find what they are looking for. I’m not sure if you catch their interest by empty store.

Also it’s always good to offer one sample file in the best quality for free, to let people try for what they are paying for.

Great stuff guys! I hope you have the best of luck. If done well this could become an incredible resource for the Blender community! It’s great to see more profesional, ready to use content.

Looking at the business BlenderGuru make, BlenderCookies, and the numerous dvds and books and many other, I don’t think Blender user is always looking at something free.

If something is worth their price, I think they are willing to spend their money.

I didn’t say “user is always looking at something free”.

The point of my note was to your last sentence “If something is worth their price, …”.
I’m just saying it’s totally loss to release website with only one file in each category.

I know it’s just opening . . . but he wants to make a money. And more like 70% people is not going to visit almost empty site again . . . blender community has hundreds activitie, that starts and falls in a few days . . . all of us are running in these hectic century . . . and we are looking for fast solutions.

Simple question - you are looking for background, you have 10 websites on a list, are you going to visit site with one file?

I also wish a luck to this site. He just could start in a better way . . .