Earlier this year I had planned out ideas for a Blender TV station online that would broadcast live tutorials, interviews, reviews, films etc. I had planned the idea in rather high detail and created an account at my favourite broadcasting service and planned out a few episodes and had started work on filming some reviews and tutorials to broadcast. However not long after all this I was in hospital for a few weeks and have since not had time to continue and will probably not have much time to contribute to it ni the future. What I would likke to propose is that we could create a small team to work on the project and bring interesting content to users screens. The broadcast would only need to be an hour or two a week. If anyone is interested I will post links to what I have.

Anyone up for the challange?

I have my flame shield ready just incase you choose to take this the wrong way.

-James “oblenob”

I’d be happy to help

Brilliant. Anyone else? I think we need a team of about ten to get this going.

I think it’s a good idea, but I don’t think i could help much. I have already a ton of stuff I’m working on. But you never know. Do you have a loose idea of what kind of structure the show will have? Will it be focused on one particular thing each week, or will it be sort of a “This week in Blender” kind of thing?



That’s a whole lot of work. Would you be better off cutting it down to 20-30 mins??

what sort of format are you running? will it be little bits and pieces (all edited together, of course, with appropriate links between content) or one long detailed piece? have you got idents/graphics/a “house style” to make your project stand out from the crowd? do you have any expectations re: audience levels?

Just some random questions from me…I’m not flaming, I’m just interested to see how well this works, and how long you can keep it up!


Broadcasting live?
There’s no reason to do that, it will just make it that much harder,
without the viewer’s getting anything out of it.

I would recommend half an hour too.
I’m don’t think anybody would watch more than that anyway.

But it sounds like a good idea!

What about doing a pilot episode yourself?
show us what you want to do.
In general, people would rather contribute to something
that already seems established, than try to create something entirely new.

I have a page up if you go look, you will see adverts to blender related things. I have a folder of notes that I will try to get typed up soon.

will it have commercials?

I suggest not making each episode all compiled into 1, but instead having each segment separate because some people (like me) don’t like downloading big files.

I like the idea though, but, there is a whole vimeo channel for video tutorials. If you get interviews and stuff that would be pretty good.

one question though, will there be any possibility of subtitling (or captioning)? Just curious since I’m deaf myself and I misses out on the details of many of the tutorials simply because some of the important details are spoken.

If someone has time to write subtitles then I am sure they will be available.

andrew-101: It will be live and online, no need to download. There will be a catch up service though, and possibly downloadable files later once I can afford web hosting.

Hmm yeh I could probably help on a few things, subtitling, editing things like that…

I can contribute a few articles or two . . .

wouldn’t it be possible for you to upload the episodes to a streaming-page like vimeo, so people can watch episodes when they like, not being constrained by timesones and other things to be able to watch. If people can choose themselves when to watch the show there would be more viewers as well, there is a reason why people stream tv-episodes from the web.
If you also do the episodes like they do issues of blender magazine where everyone can contribute whit articles and the editor puts things together and makes sure that the work holds a certain standard, I think you would be able to have higher quality and quantity on your episodes. There is also a lot of material already out there you would be able to use then, like video-tutorials(of course whit the consent of the original maker).
In addition to tutorials you also should include news from the blenderworld (blendernation) and small videos about new features and everything. That way I would think you would be able to produce a great show.
please PM me if you want further input or help of any other kind:D


if you have looked at the link there is an on demand service. I think I shoved ED and BBB in there